Al-Hajoori Extremists Continue to “Advise”[!] Everyone Refuting Their Shaikh and Them!

Following the recent clarity that has arisen regarding the extremism of al-Hajoori and his foolish “students”, certain fanatics continue to fly the battered flag of extremism in Manchester and elsewhere. Shaikh Rabee’ – may Allah protect him – spoke with clarity and described with precision the type of extremists they all are, thereafter multiple other respected people of knowledge provided even further clarity on the issue.

But now… The extremists have unbelievably started speaking against ALL those refuting them one by one!!

Local “email shaikhs” continue to send emails [although less frequently!] attempting to defame anyone who has now backed up the statement of Shaikh Rabee’ on al-Hajoori and his extremism!

How long will they continue? Perhaps they do not realise they are actualising the statement of Shaikh Rabee even more by their activities, truly it appears everyone else is below them and they are the only true salafis! It appears everyone refuting them and their shaikh is now on “double standards”[!].

We ask Allah to protect us from their fitnah, if they insist in continuing upon their extremism in humiliation that is their regrettable choice.

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