The Audacious Claim that al-Hajoori has “Clarified”[!] Shaikh Rabee’s Statement!

Regrettably the continued act to save face does not cease from the extremists of al-Hajoori, from the most audacious of claims recently presented being that al-Hajoori has somehow “clarified” the statement of Shiakh Rabee’!

Such a claim from the extremists presents certain difficulties; it is beyond comprehension what exactly they desire to believe upon their delusion has been clarified?

What part of the statement that they have ghulluw in them, an extremism that has no equal, has been “clarified?” To this day we see the extremists of al-Hajoori continuing upon their way of the “e-mail shaikhs” by sending embarassing attempts to redeem themselves, and it would be far better from them to accept their reality and repent. To this day we hear of them “refuting” the apparent “double standards” that exist from everyone refuting them? To this day they remain upon their statement that the only salafi masjid in Manchester has engaged in “criminal” acts! Yet they may be unaware that the reign of the e-mail shaikhs is coming to an end too, since certain individuals have already blocked them and they persist in humiliating themselves by sending emails! In the end they will have no one left but a group of the foolish sending each other emails to console themselves.

Similarly which part of the statement that they wage war against the salafis has been clarified? They continue to speak against the salafi centres of the UK, Canada and elsewhere, they continue to speak against all those who have further emphasised the speech of Shaikh Rabee’ upon them….

It is humiliating and embarassing to say the least that they have the deluded audacity to claim that the statement of Shaikh Rabee’ has been “clarified”!…the clarification is simple…they are extremists and foolish.

Abandon them and their ways and focus on seeking knowledge upon the sound methodology as taught by the scholars, not upon the fanatical exaggeration of the students of al-Hajoori.

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