Fanatics of al-Hajoori Attempting to “Refute Their Way Out”[!]

In recent weeks we have witnessed the rise of the “E-Mail Shaikhs” and the consequent embarassing demise that followed, as predicted all that will remain in the end is a group of extremist fanatics of al-Hajoori emailing each other with absurd nonsense for comfort. It appears the statement of Shaikh Rabee’ is completely applicable in Manchester and the surrounding regions with regards to many of these fanatics having been in Dammaj for miniscule time periods and then attempting to fuel fitnah. Some from these extremist fanatics – whether it is Dammaj or elsewhere they have “studied” [in reality a month or two having learnt nothing other than a handful of words of the Arabic Language for many of them] -, most likely those with an inferior intellectual capacity leading them to not recognise the shame they bring upon themselves, have continued to forward worthless emails filled with absurdities.

They have attempted to make mention of Shaikh ‘Ubayd and the ludicrous claim that he has been refuted – by no other than their extremist Shaikh!. They spent time going through other people of knowledge one by one and either “advising”[!] or outright attempting to “refute” them upon their delusional state, they made mention of Shaikh Bazmool, and now it seems a deluded uprising against Shaikh Abdullah al-Bukhary is the recent focus…

Firstly, it is amazing how depleted the intellects of such fanatics have become; it would appear they seem to think upon their delusional state they are going to “refute their way out” by attempting to “take out” anyone and everyone who upholds and furthers the speech of Shaikh Rabee’, be it Shaikh ‘Ubayd, Shaikh Bazmool, Shaikh al-Wassaby and now Shaikh Abdullah al-Bukhary amongst many others!!…. little wonder Shaikh Rabee’ stated that they consider everyone else is under their feet!

Secondly, Shaikh Abdullah al-Bukhary is well known from the people of knowledge in Madinah, a teacher at the Islamic Unviersity, proficient in the Sciences of Hadith and praised by the scholars, this is the speech of Shaikh Rabee’ regarding those who speak ill of Shaikh Abdullah al-Bukhary, “I advise the youth in Madeenah to attend the lessons of brother Abdullah Al-Bukhari; for he is from the chosen of Ahlu-Sunnah, and from those who defend Ahlu Sunnah…he is from the best of the graduates of the Islaamic University of Madeenah.”
As-Shaykh Allaamah Muhammad Amaan Jaamee has also praised Shaykh Al-Bukhaaree.

All that remains to be seen is how long young, foolish, ignorant fanatics who are urged on through seeking respect from their seniors will continue to spread such foolish speech regarding the people of knowledge from ahlus-Sunnah in an attempt to “refute their way out” of this calamity they have entered themselves into through their extremism…and how long local young, foolish, ignorant fanatics will continue to humiliate and disgrace themselves by persisting in forwarding emails…?

By Allah it would be better for them to leave this destructive path of extremism and return to the truth, we ask Allah to rectify their affairs.

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