Masjid Appeal 2019

Masjid Appeal 2019

Hadith: What is the best of eemaan? Explained by Al Imaam Hasan Al-Basree

On the authority of Jaabir -May Allah be pleased with him- that the Messenger of Allah -sallaallaahu alaihi wa sallam- was asked:

”What is the best of emaan?”

He said -sallaallaahu alaihi wa sallam- ”Patience and Forbearance.”(1)

In explanation of the narration Hasan Al-Basree was asked – rahimahullah- ”What is patience (sabr) and what is forbearance (samaahah)?”

He answered: ”Sabr is (refraining) from the impermissible, and Samaahah is (being forbearing and consistent with) the performance of the obligations.”

As quoted by Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al Abbad in his khutbah :أفضل الإيمان الصبر والسماحة

(1) Declared Sahih by Shaykh Al Albaani in Saheeh Al-Jaami’ As-Sagheer

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