Shaykh Rabee’: We have remained patient for 7 years, [with Yahya al-Hajoori]


  • They (Yahya and his followers) are waging a war against the Salafis and Salafiyaah, and the people of innovation are relaxing and watching. Is this from good manners!?


  • We have remained patient for 7 years, whilst letters and complaints have reached us. And now you have to force him to change his ways. If he carries on upon his ways, it will cause an incomparable fitnah.


  • I have advised him many times, sometimes I advise him for two and half hours. He doesn’t listen! He promises but he doesn’t fulfill his promises. May Allaah bless you, and his students are extremists [ghulaat], with an extremism that has no equal.


  • Take the position of men with regards to him. He has harmed the people of Salafiyyah. There is no one more harmful than Yahya. Only Dammaj is left [considered Salafi] and all the centers are under the feet [nothing] except Dammaj.


  • Did he [Yahya] rebuke it*? Did he openly free himself from this speech? No! You people applaud him when he arrives at this extremism.


  • By Allaah, we have not seen this type of extremism from the people of innovation that we see from his students.


  • By Allaah, I am holding back from comparing him to some of the innovators that I have refuted in the past. All we hear is ‘Imam al-Thaqalayn…an-Nasihul Ameen [the sincere adviser]


  • Tell him that he is only a student and not an Alim. He is not a sincere adviser; he is not an Imam of anything. Tell him that he is just a student; tell him to fear Allaah and to join his brothers hand in hand – his brothers of Ahlul Sunnah. Tell him to leave this extremism and evil behaviour.


  • They heaviest thing on the scales on the Day of Judgement is good manners, so tell him to teach his students good manners and to have good manners himself. He will not get anywhere without it.


  • Student of Damaaj: “O’ Shaykh all that we have heard from you is praise for him. You called him and praised him…”Shaykh Rabee ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: “By Allaah! Listen to me, by Allaah, I did not say this except that he claimed to have abandoned everything that he said and in order to bring him closer to us, and cause him to become gentle. But all we witnessed up until today are lies, deception and extremism. By Allaah, you see the extremism of the students there. There are no manners with them whatsoever. Go back and tell them this from me.


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* in reference to the poet calling him “Imam al-Thaqalayn”


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