Questions to Al-‘Allâmah Ahmad bin Yahyā An-Najmī (rahimahullaah):

This question states: What is your view of the one who warns against bid’ah and innovators in general but does not hold that names are to be mentioned?

Answer: When something happened the Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) used to say: “What is wrong with a people (who did or say such and such)?! This is correct; but is this said about the leaders of misguidance – those who call the people to affairs of misguidance and the people are put to trial through them; is this said about them? No, these ones must be mentioned; they must be made known and they must be known, so that the people are cautious about them. As for us keeping quiet about them and saying: “No, we do not mention their names; we neither say Sayyid Qutb nor Hasan al-Banna, neither such and such person nor such and such person”; then with respect to the one who utters this statement, for example: If we were to warn against the people of bid’ah, who will be able to say that it is other than these people….these (people) are the leaders of ahlul bid’ah.

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