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Shaikh Muhammad Amaan on the Saudi State

Shaikh Muhammand Amaan Al-Jaami (rahimahullah ) said:

“We neither live in this country under parliamentary majority rule in which is found numerous partisan parties nor do we live under a dictator who rules by the sword; neither are we ruled by an individual nor by a group…..we are ruled by the Laws of Allaah. The rulers of this country are only considered to be authorities who implement (the Islamic laws) and they are not considered to be those who have authority over the Islamic laws. There cannot be found among us those who have authority over the Islamic law and its existence is not permissible; rather it is not permissible to find among the muslims those who have authority over the Islamic laws–who legislate alongside Allaah. We rule by the laws of Allaah in this country and this is something well known, even to the man who works in the market…

[source: Ad-durar as-saniyyah fee thanaa Al-ulamaa alal mamlakati Al-Arabiyyah As-Su’oodiyyah page: 43-44 with the taqdeem of shaikh Zaid and shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi]

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