Am I rewarded for cooking In Ramadan? | Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan

The sister asks:

The Muslim woman often spends a large portion of her time busy in the kitchen preparing various types of food, so misses out on the opportunities of the month [of Ramadan] O shaykh. Do you have any guidance for her and will she be rewarded for cooking?

Shaikh Salih Ibn Fawzan:

Yes, she will be rewarded for this because she is preparing food for the fasting people and this is from cooperation upon righteousness and piety and she will be rewarded for this. Cooking and [house] work does not prevent her from saying

سبحان الله, لا اله إلا الله, الله أكبر

and reciting what she has memorised from the Qur’an. Cooking should not prevent her from the dhikr of Allah azza wa Jal.


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