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Publicizing Oneself for marriage in the newspapers is not modesty!


What is the ruling regarding daughters who publicize themselves in the newspapers and magazines with a description of their characteristics for the one who desires to propose and marry them?


A woman publicizing herself in the magazines and newspapers out of a desire for marriage, whilst making a mention of her characteristics is (something) in opposition to shyness, modesty and protection (of a woman from strange men and harm). This is not from the normal habits of the Muslims and it is obligatory to abandon it. This (action) is in violation of the guardianship of her guardian over her, due to the (fact) that a proposal made to her for marriage has (to be done) through him and (with) his agreement. And to Allaah belongs (all bestowal of guidance and ability to perform good deeds).

وصلى الله على نبينا محمد واله وصحبه وسلم
[Source: Fataawaa Al-Mar’atil Muslimah compiled by Daarus Sahaabah and Daar Sabeelil Mumineen with the recommendation of Shaikh Muhammad Al-Imaam page: 538 or see Fataawaa Al-Lajna Ad-Daa-imah 40/18]

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