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Seclusion with man who performs Ruqya


What is the verdict–“Going to a man called shaykh who uses the Qu’aan to cure (people); but he recites over women whilst secluding himself with each one of (them). And if the woman’s condition requires (further attention), he makes her stay with him in his house for some days. Indeed, I was from those women, but I have realised with great regret (about such error) and I have sought Allaah’s forgiveness and repented to Him. Give us a verdict (regarding this) and may Allaah reward you and us with all good?

The seclusion of a man with a strange woman—(i.e. a woman he is not allowed to free mix with)– is haraam even if that was for the purpose of performing ruqya with the Qur’aan, due to statement of the Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi- wasallam): “A man does not seclude himself with a (strange) woman except that shaytaan is the third of them”[1] And your seclusion with that man, spending time in the house of that man who is a stranger to you, staying with him in his house for a number of nights and days in seclusion with him–this is a greater danger and a greater crime, because it is from the means to evil and corruption. Therefore, any woman who did the likes of this (action), then it is incumbent upon her to sincerely repent from that and should never repeat the likes of this evil act. And to Allaah belongs all bestowal (of guidance and ability to perform good deeds)

وصلى الله على نبينا محمد واله وصحبه وسلم
[Source:Fataawaa Al – Mar’atil Muslimah compiled by Daarus Sahaabah and Daar Sabeelil Mumineen with the recommendation of shaikh Muhammad Al – Imaam, page:63 or see Fataawaa Al-Lajna Ad-Daa’imah 63/17)
Ref 1:As-saheehah of Imaam Albaanee, Number:430

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