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Different types of Thieves–Shaikh Uthaymeen describes them……

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

The difference between السارق المنتهب المختلس الغاصب

[1] As-Saariq: He does not make himself apparent–neither in the beginning of the affair (i.e. the theft) nor in the end.

[2] Al-Muntahibu: He makes himself apparent in the beginning and at the end (of the theft) but he does not take anything by overpowering (the victim); rather he snatches.

[3] Al-Mukhtalis: He is like the Al-Muntahibu, except that he hides himself in the beginning of the affair (i.e.the theft).

[4] Al-Ghaasib: He is like the Al-Muntahibu, except that he takes away something by overpowering (the victim).
[Source: Al-Muntaqaa Min Fawaa-idil Fawaa-id of Shaikh Uthaymeen, page:132]

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