Masjid Appeal 2019

Masjid Appeal 2019

Our Salaf: They Acted with prudence and humility

Abu khaythama narrated to us that Jareer narrated to us from Ataa Ibn Saa-ib from Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Abee layla, (who) said: ”I met a hundred and twenty companions of the Messenger (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) from the Ansaar– not a single one amongst them was asked about something (in the religion), except he wished that his brother sufficed him (in answering the question) and he would not narrate a hadeeth, except he wished that his brother sufficed him (in narrating the hadeeth).”
[Kitaabul Ilm of Abu Khaythama with the checking of Imaam Al Albaanee, page: 10. Narration Number: 21]

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