The Advice of Shaikh Rabee’ is Superior to the Advice of the “E-Mail Shaikh”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We announce that with the greatest of regret the fanatical Hajoori defender, the obsessed and deluded “E-Mail Shaikh” has decided that Ramadan will be utilised for writing MORE complete and utter farcical e-mails against the only Salafi Masjid in Manchester. [See “Rise of the E-Mail Shaikhs”].

Despite the fact that this pitiful miskeen “e-mail shaikh”  – who has nothing left after the clarity that has arisen regarding the misguidance of his shaikh al-Hajoori other than to console himself by writing about the Salafi masjid, no matter how nonsensical and absurd it may be – considers that Ramadan can be wasted in this disgraceful manner, we do not share his view that Ramadan can be wasted in this way, therefore this article will be kept short and precise as a reminder to all.

The “e-mail shaikh” claims that he has ‘advised’ the Salafi Centre for lengthy periods of time; there are certain points to highlight regarding this.

The “advice” the “e-mail shaikh” has been sending – via e-mail naturally, since he has not stepped foot himself  into the only Salafi Masjid  in Manchester for years – yet he has some degree of uncontrollable obsession with the Masjid which resembles stalking that he continues to e-mail – is as follows in summary: that we must take his position on defending al-Hajoori, and if we do not then we have apparently not taken his advice.

We must inform this pitiful online addict that in fact we do take advice, and we have taken the advice of Shaikh Rabee’ regarding al-Hajoori!! And we have actually seen and experienced ourselves the extreme nature of Hajoori followers, at the head of the them the “e-mail shaikh”!

Although the arrogance and self-amazement of this miskeen online shaikh is beyond belief, he seems to consider we are obliged to take his advice since it is apparently the truth,  and as for Shaikh Rabee’s advice then apparently he expects us to throw that behind our backs since it is “wrong” as he states!!!

Allahul Musta’an, may Allah protect us from such self-amazement and destructive arrogance!

Therefore in conclusion, all of this futile speech that he has “been advising the Centre” is nonsense since the advice of a scholar like Shaikh Rabee’ is superior to the so-called advice of a worthless Hajoori fanatic, since in summary his advice is that we should NOT take the advice of Shaikh Rabee’ since it is wrong!?!

We have taken the advice of the Hajoori fanatic “email shaikh” and disposed of it neatly into the garbage collection area, since after the clarification of the scholars on al-Hajoori that is where it belongs along with the remainder of the fanatical statements of the Hajaawirah!

It truly is amazing how self-amazed this online shaikh is with himself to continue to claim he was advising the Centre!

We advise everyone to similarly redirect any rubbish from the online shaikh to the bin and use the remaining days of Ramadan in that which benefits rather than reading abhorrent speech that is almost comical at times, “salafi centre has engaged in CRIMINAL acts!!” “liars” “thieves”…!!

May Allah rectify his affairs before he completely destroys himself.

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