Rise of the Email Shaykhs – A Brief Profile

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Many of our readers may wonder, saying: ‘’who is this “Email Shaykh” and where has he sprouted from?!

Then in brief he is a vexed individual and fanatical defender of al Hajoori-residing in Manchester-who has been affected by and carries similar traits of Al-Hajoori. Opinionated and self-amazed to the extent that he considered Al-Hajoori’s shameless and obstinate reply to Shaikh Rabee as “a beautiful advice” and hoped that the Sheikh will listen to the idiotic quackery of his Mubtadi Sheikh.

So after Shaikh Rabee spoke, he felt obliged to speak because in effect he is a mirror of al-Hajoori himself. He uses his enmity against Ahlul-Bid’ah as a launch-pad against the Salafis – very similar to Al-Hajoori’s methodology. This method of his runs in cycles– through gathering obscure documents and creating fictitious weak links between the events he has on paper and the Manhaj of the salafis, and then attempts to refute! These weak links are the alternate reality that he abides in due to him being a conspiracist who believes he is very skillful at detecting crimes committed against the Salafi Manhaj. However, when reprimanded for going beyond bounds he claims that he is calling to the truth and these people don’t want it, so they oppose him. Now he has boarded Hajoori’s Ghuluww caravan, whilst hurling a tirade of cursing upon all those who write articles at al Markaz as Salafi. This pathetic and irresponsible behaviour of his, is only a manifestation of his short sightedness, delusion and irrationality; for how can a confused defender of a manifest Mubtadi curse others in the belief that he is upon truth. This shows that others are more aware of his pitiable state than he himself.

Even though he has manifested signs of obstinacy, compounded ignorance, deliberate acts of foolishness and idiocy, we pray that as soon as his affair reaches the scholars they will advise him, just as they have done with his haddaadi sheikh. And we pray that his affair does not end up like that of Abu Usaama Adh-Dhahabi—another defender of a Mubtadi.

However, his evil is to be repelled and the people informed about his lies, delusions, idiotic behaviour, arrogance, and bigotry, unstable and volatile condition. Indeed, this is the same state of affairs his sheikh is submerged in, because despite all his acts of innovations, ghuluww and transgression he still proclaims with extreme irrationality, saying:

‘’Whoever says that the Dawah in Dammaaj has changed, then upon him is the curse of Allaah, the angels and all the people.” [Quoted in Al-Qawl Al-Jaliyy Libayaani Maa Ghayyarahu Al-Hajoori Min Da-wati Imaam Al-Waadi-ee: PDF page: 1]





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