A Severe Warning Against Two Evil Doubts | Shaikh Rabī’ al-Madkhalī

And I advise the youth not to listen to two evil doubts.

The first doubt:

That we should read the books and sit with Ahlul bid’ah, and that we take the Haqq (from their books and speech) and just ignore the falsehood.

This – as it is said – played a big role in throwing many of the youth and taking them out of the Salafi Manhaj and into the open arms of the people of falsehood and innovation. The poor guy (one with little knowledge) reads from the books of Ahlul bid’ah and cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood and [thus] sees the truth as falsehood and falsehood as truth and then is misguided.

The second doubt:

(They say) Do not read the books of refutation… books of refutation…books of refutation… books of refutation. (They) mean that we should read the books of innovation, and the books attacking and mocking the Salafi Manhaj and its people and to listen to their cassettes, radio stations, media and rumours, and we make ourselves receivers to all of these things. But we should not extend our eyes to the books of refutations. Why?!! Because it exposes them! it uncovers their embarrassments and open the eyes of the youth to the truth, so they say, books of refutation, books of refutation, books of refutation.

They call you to read the books of innovation using this doubt, – that you take the truth (from it) and you leave the falsehood -, so the poor guy (one who has little knowledge) then becomes a victim of falsehood, because you cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood, so you will see the truth as falsehood and falsehood as the truth. And this is something which numerous people, only Allah knows their number, who used to ascribe to the Salafi methodology have been swept away by.

These are from their plots that turn you away from steadfastness upon the truth, and from calling to the truth and opposing falsehood. The books of refutation are packed with knowledge, you will not find true living knowledge that distinguishes between the truth and falsehood, except in the books of refutation. The Qur’an – by Allah – refutes the people of disbelief and misguidance, the hypocrites, the Jews and the Christians, it did not leave a misguidance except that it criticized it, and rebutted it and clarified the misguidance of its people. Likewise the Sunnah and the Manhaj of the Salaf is full of this, the books of ‘Aqeedah and the books of al-Jarh wa Ta’deel are full with criticisms and refutations against the people of falsehood. [This is] because the truth and falsehood cannot be differentiated except with this criticism and refutation.

So read the books of Ibn Taymiyyah, the books of Ibn al-Qayyim and the books of the present day Salafis who are striving in the path of Allah inshaaAllah, and they defend the call to Allah, and they repel the afflictions from the youth of the ummah, and they clarify for them the correct Islamic way from the misguided paths and they uncover the faults of the imaams of innovation and misguidance.

So know what they intend when they wage war against the books of refutation. Seek knowledge! Excell in seeking knowledge and prepare yourselves to get down to work hard in seeking knowledge. Amongst the things that will aid you in attaining correct knowledge are the books of refutation. Indeed, they are a very important part in seeking knowledge. And one that does not know the books of refutation – even though he has memorized from knowledge what he has memorized – may Allah bless you, indeed he is in an unstable state. And we have seen many, we have seen many who had knowledge then fell into misguidance.

Don’t forget the story of Abdurrazaaq. Don’t forget the story of Al Bayhaqi. Don’t forget the story of Abu Dharr al-Harawi, and they were from the major scholars, yet a single doubt led into the arms of the people of innovation – and refuge is sought with Allah. –

Abdurrazaaq – someone who was less knowledgeable than him – was constantly bringing doubts to him until it caused him to fall into shi’sm.

And Abu Dharr from a word he heard – a praise from Al Bayhaqi about an imam from the ashaa’irah and he (Abu Dharr) fell into misguidance.

And Al Bahyaqi was deceived by some of the imaams of misguidance and fell into Ash’arism.

And others besides them, and other besides them – even in this time! It can neither be enumerated nor encompassed, from those who were previously upon the sunnah – who were either a scholar or student of knowledge, then they deviated because of a doubt or [numerous] doubts or by the methods and plots that the enemies bring until they turned them away from the true methodology of Allah. In fact, they have made some of them recruits to fight against the Salafi methodology and its people.


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