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Our Salaf: The Night prayer-Thaabit Al-Bunaanee and Maymoon Ibn Mehraan

Thaabit Al-Bunaanee (rahimahullaah) used to pray at night and fast during the day.  He used to say: ‘’There is nothing I find more pleasing to my heart than Qiyaamul Layl (i.e. Tahajjud)’’ [Sifatus Safwah 3/262]

Maymoon Ibn Mehraan (rahimahullaah) said:

”The nobility of a Muslim is in performing the prayer in the darkness of night and not being desperate for what is in the hands of the people (i.e. their possessions) [Shu’ab Al-Imaan 3/171]

We ask Allaah to grant us the tawfeeq to follow the example of our Salaf. However, if Allaah grants you the Tawfeeq to wake up for the night prayer, do not stand up all night and then oversleep and miss fajr; rather ask Allaah for tawfeeq to wake up in the last third of the night until the beginning of Fajr.


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