Has Abdur-Raoof Muhammad (Madeenah.Con) Been Outed by Associates As Cowardly, Two-Faced…….?


Abdur-Raoof Muhammad Abu Sumayyah is a graduate of the Islamic University of Madeenah. He was involved with the Madeenah.Connetwork as a prominent member, and his translations are still present on their website.

Some of the associates or acquaintances of Abdur-Raoof have outed him and named him openly as the owner of an account onamwaat.morg from which he has been unleashing vast fields of poppies and roses of “Rifqan Ahl al-Sunnah” upon certain people, and thunderous lightning bolts of rage and anger upon others (including Shaykhs such as Shaykh Ubayd and Shaykh Rabee’).

In light of this information that has been put out by some of his associates (and as of yet not denied), this article will compare between Abdur-Raoof Jekyll and Abdur-Raoof Hyde.

This article is written on the assumption that the associates ofAbdur-Raoof Muhammad (on the amwaat.morg forum) are speaking the truth. If this is not so, then Abdur-Raoof Muhammad should immediately clarify that he has never written on that forum, that he is not responsible for the comments documented below, and that his associates are lying upon him. It has also reached us that Abdur-Raoof Muhammad has revealed to certain people that he does actually write on that forum. Putting these affairs together indicates some truth to what his associates have revealed about him.

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