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An Excellent Example for the youth–Zadhaan (rahimahullaah)

Al-Hafiz al-Dhahabi mentions in his biography of Zadhaan: Ibn Adiyy said: ‘He repented at the hands of Abd Allaah ibn Mas’ood.’  On the authority of Abu Haashim al-Rummaani who said: Zadhaan said: ‘I was a youth with a very beautiful voice and use to play the lute very well.  I was with my companion, and we had with us some wine.  I was singing, so when Ibn Mas’ood passed by, he turned over the vessel of wine spilling it on the ground and then broke the lute and said: ‘Young man, if only your beautiful voice could be heard reciting the Qur’aan.’ So he placed his scarf over his head and continued on his way.  I said to my companions: ‘who was that?’ They answered: Abdullaah Ibn Mas’ood the companion of the Messenger of Allaah.’  The desire to repent entered my heart; I rushed to catch up with him crying and took him by his thowb.  Ibn Mas’ood turned and hugged me and said: ‘I welcome the one whom Allaah loves. Sit down.’ He then took out a date gave it to me.’

Ibn Qudaamah Al-Maqdisi, after mentioning the repentance of Zadhaan in Kitaab Al-Tawwaabeen (The Book of the repenters), states: ‘So he repented to Allaah (Azza Wa-Jal) for his sins, and afterward, he was constantly in the company of Ibn Mas’ood.  He learned the Qur’aan and a great deal of knowledge until becoming an Imaam.  He narrated from Ibn Mas’ood, Salmaan and others.

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