[2] Salafi Publications and Greenlane Masjid–What is the basis of the Differing???!!!

All praise is due to Allaah [The Lord of the Aalameen] and may His Salutations of peace and blessings be upon our Noble Messenger Muhammad, his household and companions. To proceed:

Green Lane Masjid Admin–Inheritors of a distinguished aspect of Suhaib Hasan’s Deviated Manhaj (Co-operating with Ahlul Bidah Wal-Ahwaa)

”Every Land has its cultivator and every people have an inheritor”

 Imaam as-Saa’di (rahimahullaah) said:

Indeed, a man is upon the religion of his companion, so look to the one you take as a close friend.  And regardless of what you many receive of praise and respect from the people, they judge the (other) people by their associates. Therefore, it is befitting that a person takes pride in accompanying the best of the people and beware of the evil ones. A righteous companion is like a seller of musk; he either gives you some or you get a good smell from him. And the evil companion is like the blower of the bellows, he either burns you or you receive a bad smell from him. And Allaah knows best.  [Source: Noorul Basaa-ir Wal-Albaab Fee Ahkaamil Ibaadaat Wal-Mu-aamalaat Wal-Huqooq Wal-Aadaab: page: 66]

Suhaib Hasan’s Request [1996]

Suhaib Hasan requested a verdict from the Committee of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia– Fatwaa Number 18870 dated 11/6/1417H which corresponds to Wednesday the 23rd of October 1996

Question: “Based upon the Saying of Allaah, the Most High: ”Help you one another in al-Birr and at-Taqwaa, but do not help one another in sin and transgression. Soorah al-Maaidah.” (5):2

It is said that it is obligatory to co-operate with all of the Islamic Jamaa’ahs, even though they differ with us with regard to methodologies and their way in giving dawah. So Jamaaatut-Tableegh has a way of giving dawah different to the way of the Ikhwaanul-Muslimeen and Hizbut-Tahreer and Jamaaatul-Jihaad and the Salafees. So how is this co-operation to be? And is it restricted for example to joint participation in conferences and gatherings? And what is to be the case when dawah is being given to non-Muslims, since confusion may be caused in the minds of new Muslims by the fact that each Jamaaah from these Jamaaahs will direct them to their own centres and their own scholars, which will confuse them. So how will it be possible to avert this matter?”

The Committee of Senior Scholars replied:

“What is obligatory is to co-operate with the Jamaa’ah that proceeds upon the manhaj (methodology) of the Book and the Sunnah and that which the Salaf of the Ummah were upon in calling to the Tawheed of Allaah, the One free of all imperfections, and making worship purely and sincerely for Him, and warning against shirk and innovations and sins, and to advise the Jamaaahs that are contrary to that. So if they return to what is correct, then they are to be co-operated with. But if they persist upon being contrary then it is obligatory to keep away from them and to adhere to the Book and the Sunnah.  Then co-operation with the Jamaaah that adheres to the manhaj (methodology) of the Book and the Sunnah will be upon everything that is good, righteousness and obedience to Allaah whether gatherings, conferences, lessons or lectures and in everything containing benefit for Islaam and the Muslims.” http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=9&Topic=3384

We seek Allaah’s protection from deviating after receiving guidance and clarification.  The one who sought this clarification [i.e. Suhaib Hasan] was amongst the first people to oppose it.  Indeed, deviating from an affair after receiving guidance and clarification has grave consequences in this life and the next.   Allaah (The Most High) stated: ‘’O you who believe! Answer Allaah (by obeying Him) and (His) Messenger when he calls you to that which will give you life, and know that Allaah comes in between a person and his heart (i.e. he turns the hearts in any direction as he pleases). And verily to Him you shall (all) be gathered.’[8:24]

Imaam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahulaah) mentioned a number of statements from the scholars regarding the part of the Ayah ‘’And know that Allaah comes in between a person and his heart‘’, and from them, is that Allaah (The Most High) is the one Who intervenes between the believer and disbelief, and between the disbeliever and Eemaan, and between the people of obedience and their disobedience to Him, and between the people of disobedience and their obedience to Him.  This is the saying of Ibn Abbaas (radiyallaahu-anhumaa) and the majority of the Mufassiroon.

There is another statement about this (part of the Ayah) and that is; He (subhaanah) is close to the heart of the human (by His knowledge) and no secret is hidden from Him; because He (subhaanah) intervenes between the person and his heart.  This was mentioned by Al-Waahidiy from Qataadah.

And it appears that this statement (reported from Qataadah) is more in conformity with the context (of this part of this ayah); because the basis of this Istijaabah (i.e. responding to the call of Allaah and His Messenger) is by way of the heart.  A bodily response is of no benefit without the response of the heart; because Allaah comes between a person and his heart and knows whether the person has responded to Him with his heart or hides the opposite of that.

And concerning the first saying (i.e. the statement of Ibn Abbaas and the majority of the Mufassiroon); it is with regards to the fact that if you turn away from (responding to the call of Allaah and His Messenger), you will not be safe from Allaah coming between you and your hearts, and you will not be able to respond thereafter, as a punishment for abandoning (this response) after the truth had been explained and made clear.  So you will be similar to what (has been mentioned) in the saying of Allaah: ‘’And We shall turn their hearts and their eyes away (from guidance), as they refused to believe therein for the first time.’’[6:110]

And the saying of Allaah: ‘’So when they turned away (from the Path of Allaah), Allaah turned their hearts away (from the Right Path).’’ [61:5]  And the saying of Allaah: ‘’But they were not such as to believe in that which they had rejected before.’’[7:101]

And in this ayah is a warning against (failing to respond) with the heart even if response was carried out by way of the limbs….[For further details see: Al-Fawaa-id Pages 140-144]

We seek Allaah’s protection from deviating in all affairs of the Deen after receiving sound knowledge and detailed clarification.  Suhaib Hasan received sound knowledge and clear proofs from the Senior Salafi Scholars with regards to the affair of Ta’aawun between Ahlus Sunnah and the deviated groups; but he turned away and acted in opposition. See link for further details: http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=9&Topic=12076 http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=19&Topic=1637


Yasir Qadhi [What is his Manhaj?]

As for Yasir Qadhi, not only did he sign a pledge of mutual co-operation with some of the representatives of some of the destructive sects of Shirk and Bidah; rather he also sought to cut off the youth from the major scholars of the Ummah.  Yasir stated:

“It is important to stress, however, that the purpose of this pledge is not to vindicate or justify one ideology over another. These differences have existed within Sunni Islam (in the broad sense of the term) for the last twelve centuries, and the fact of the matter is that, barring some sort of Divine Intervention, it does not appear that these difference will leave us any time soon.

Therefore there needs to be a more pragmatic and realistic attempt at cooperation, one that retains our traditionalisms and respects our historical traditions, yet at the same time takes into account the context of our current political and social situation.”

This call of Yasir Qadhi is to the destruction of the principle of “enjoining the good and forbidding the evil” in the name of unity with the sects of misguidance. May Allaah protect us.  End of quote: Source: http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=9&Topic=6237

Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree (may Allaah preserve him) said:

“This shows they don’t distinguish between the correct paths from the misguided ones so they melt together and the result is innovation for Ahlu Sunnah do not have different beliefs.”  “All of this is corrupt stemming from the false principle ‘al-Ma’dhira wa Ta’aawun’ – making excuses and cooperation with the misguided groups.”  “If he was to follow truly their way he (Yasir Qadhi) wouldn’t have signed the pledge with these Sufi’s and he would have been upright upon the Sunnah even if no one were to follow him.” “I seek refuge in Allaah, this is the speech of the ignorant and those that play games“. “He lies here, there is no differences in Aqeedah between Ahlu Sunnah rather they are in agreement with regards its fundamental principles.” “Ahlu sunnah are not happy with the innovators. This is the speech of the Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen.” “Mashaallaah, they don’t have taqwa they have misguidance.” “This is a way of going away from the topic and not adab al-ikhtilaaf. Ahlu Sunnah do not consider making agreements like this with the innovators as adab al-ikhtilaf.”

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadee al Madkhalee commented with the following…

During these times that we live in, those who speak have become numerous; those who speak with knowledge, truth and adherence [to the Book and the Sunnah], those who speak with desires and evil intentions, and those who speak with ignorance. All three groups are present, and the callers to falsehood are more plentiful.

Do not be deceived that a caller to falsehood is praised, has degrees or a high status in the life of this world, because this is of no significance. What is of significance is whether his speech is in accordance to the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may the Salaat and Salaam be upon him, and what his righteous Caliphs and companions were upon – may Allaah be pleased with them all.

Amongst the callers to falsehood who have graduated from here, the Islaamic Univeristy of Madeenah, is Yasir Qadhi. I severely warn you against him, especially as Allaah the Glorified has exposed him after he wrote this document that has reached us and propagated it over the internet. He gathered with others and signed a pledge in which – from the beginning to the end – revolves around one point; dissolving Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah in the midst of the people of innovations, removing their character and extinguishing their identity.

Indeed this document that has reached us, that was signed by a number of people and propagated over the internet; it is falsehood, misguidance, injustice, oppression and ignorance [repeated 3 times]. It only serves the people of desires and is an injustice to Ahlus Sunnah. It is an obligation to be wary of it, to not listen to it, accommodate it, unite upon it and make excuses for it. All of this is in contradiction to the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah and what they are upon, those who are upon what the Messenger of Allaah and his companions, may Allaah be pleased with them, were upon.

He is calling to the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah, as he states himself, with the general understanding of term ‘Ahlus Sunnah’, meaning that all the other misguided groups are included in it, we seek refuge with Allaah from that, as we seek refuge with Allaah from this misguidance.

The evidence has been established upon him as he studied in the Islamic University of Madeenah. I taught him in the faculty of Hadeeth, he once requested a sitting with me along with those who criticize him, so I agreed and informed him that I have no problem with that, and that was the last time I saw him. The point is that I never heard of him again until he entered the Master’s program in ‘Aqeedah, and sadly, this is what is used by him and others to misguide a lot of people, saying that he is the student the scholars or that he graduated from the Islamic University of Madeenah. But if this is the methodology that he is upon, the likes of this pledge that he and others have signed, by Allaah it would not benefit him if he graduated from within the Ka’bah! Because this is a false methodology, and being a student of such and such a Shaykh or studying at such and such a place does not justify falsehood, for those who taught him here have taught him the correct ‘Aqeedah, they didn’t teach him this falsehood.  In any case, we ask Allaah for safety, as we ask him to cause the Knowledge that we gain to be beneficial for us as well as yourselves in the life of this world as well as the next…

Greenlane Masjid Administration

Firstly: The above verdicts of some of these Senior Salafi Scholars reveal the true reality of the falsehood these people are upon.  Secondly: Yasir Qadhi recently announced that he has left Salafiyyah. Thirdly: Yasir Qadhi is still affiliated with al-maghrib institute and its Pseudo Shaikhs.  Finally: It is well known that al-maghrib institute is also affiliated with Kamaal Mekki-the one who performs illusionary magic as a means of dawah.

Despite the clear deviations of Yasir Qadhi and al-maghrib institute, Green lane Masjid’s  Administration openly co-operates with some of Yasir Qadhi’s affiliates at al-maghrib institute, namely: Waleed Basyouni, Abdul Bary Yahya and Ahsan Hanif.  These affiliates of Yasir Qadhi and a signatory (Tawfique Chowdhury) of the pledge of mutual co-operation have been invited by Green Masjid to deliver lectures at their conference.  Indeed, a sensible person does not merely look at what is apparent; rather he looks at the reality.  Imaam as-Saa’di (rahimahullaah) said:  ‘’And regardless of what you many receive of praise and respect from the people, they judge the (other) people by their associates. Therefore, it is befitting that a person takes pride in accompanying the best of the people and beware of the evil ones.’’

Therefore, a seeker of the clear Salafi Manhaj should not merely give consideration to the claims and slogans of the people; rather he/she should look at the reality. One should look to the reality of Green lane’s actions and their affiliates and not merely the names of scholars they shout aloud in order to lure the people into their blatant and deliberate call to repugnant hizbiyyah.  It is manifestly clear that Greenlane’s Admin is engaged in the following activities:


*They are sheltering an innovator (i.e. abu usaama, who is well known to defend other innovators, such as the likes of Ali Halabi and Al-Maribi);

*They co-operate with a signatory of the pledge of mutual co-operation (i.e. Tawfique Chowdhury);

*They invite speakers from al-maghrib institute and affiliates of Yasir Qadhi;

*They openly co-operate with Adnaan Abdul Qaadir (i.e. a representative of the deviant organization ihyaa turaath and an affiliate of the Ikhwaani innovator Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq).

This clearly shows us the views and orientations of Greenlane’s Masjid’s Administration.  Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) said: ‘’And Imaan is known about a man, just as all the states of his heart are known by way of his (outward) allegiances, enmities, his rejoicing, anger, hunger, thirst, and other such affairs. For these matters have certain outward binding necessities (lawaazim dhaahirah) and the outward matters necessitate inward matters. And this is a matter known, the people know this concerning the one that they have experienced and tested (jarraboohu wamtahinoohu)… [Minhaaj-as-sunnah 8/475] [Translation:Salafipublications.com]

The actions of Suhaib Hasan and Yasir Qadhi are to the destruction of the principle of “enjoining the good and forbidding the evil” in the name of unity. Likewise it is manifestly clear that the actions of Greenlane’s Masjid Administration are to the destruction of the principle of ”enjoining the good and forbidding the evil” in the name of dawah.  The reality of Suhaib Hasan’s and Yasir Qadhi’s actions were nothing else but an affirmation and implementation of the false principle “let us co-operate amongst ourselves in the issues that we agree upon, and excuse one another in the issues that we disagree upon.”   Likewise, a careful observer will not fail to realise this fact when he looks at the speakers at the Greenlane Conference of 2013. This is the dawah Greenlane Masjid disguises with the garment of Salafiyyah–it is not a new initiative; rather it is clearly an inheritance from suhaib hasan, as it is said: ‘’every land has its cultivator and every people have an inheritor.’’  Therefore, the Salafi students of knowledge in the West must warn against this evil, regardless the many deceitful ways employed by Greenlane. We seek Allaah’s Protection from blindness and evil desires; because Green lane’s Masjid Admin pursues this repugnant hizbiyyah in the name of dawah. Shaytaan has made it fair seeming to all these people that this co-operation of theirs is unity and the objections of the Maraakiz of Salafiyyah [Salafi-Publications and others] are blameworthy. O Allaah! Show us the truth as truth so that we may follow it, and show us falsehood as falsehood, so that we may abstain from it. 

This is one of the main causes of the differing between Salafipublications and Greenlane Masjid

Salafipublications do not co-operate with the people of bidah and their affiliates, but Greenlane Masjid Admin shelters an innovator (abu usaama) and co-operates with affiliates of deviant organizations (i.e. Ihyaa Turaath and Al-Maghrib Institute).  

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