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They advised another with three when present or absent- by Abu Awn [rahimahullaah]

The people of goodness used to advise each other with three [affairs]

Abu Awn [rahimahullah] said: When the people of goodness used to meet, they would advise one another with three [affairs] and when they were absent [from each other], some of them used to write to others, [saying]:  [1] Whoever acts for the sake of the afterlife, Allaah will suffice him with his worldly affairs. [2] Whoever rectifies what is between him and Allaah [i.e. obedience to Allaah and fear of Him etc], Allaah will suffice him with the people. [3] And whoever rectifies his secret affairs, Allaah will rectify his outward affairs.

[Al-Musannaf 7/165]

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