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Are there no Students of Knowledge in the UK? Shaykh Muhammad Madkhali on Abu Hakeem Bilal Davies

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Shaykh Muhammed ibn Haadi al Madkhali:

”Indeed our brother for the sake of Allah Bilal Abu Hakeem is from the brothers that I have known from Britain and I have likewise taught him in his third year of study in the Faculty of Hadeeth in the Islamic University.  He is a student of Knowledge who has good character and religion and he is from those who deserve to be aided.”


Ustaadh Abu Hakeem (may Allaah preserve him) stated:

To add to the list of books mentioned earlier that our Shaikh (i.e. Shaikh Ubaid) has taught, during the time that I made Mulaazama (i.e. constantly attended his lessons and sittings) of the shaikh in Madina(from 1994 till 2004)while i was studying in the university, our shaikh taught the following:
1.Sharhus sunnah of imaam barbahaari more than once
2.Vol 1 and some of vol 2 of sharh usool i’tiqaad ahlus sunnati wal jamaa’ah of al-lalakaa’ie
3.As sunnah of Ibn abee ‘aasim
4.Vol 1 and some of vol 2 of Al Ibaanatul kubraa of Ibn Battah
5.Mukhtasir saheeh muslim
6.Umdatul ahkaam more than once
7.Al ‘Udah in Fiqh.
9.Qasbus sukr in Mustalah(science of hadeeth)
10 Talkheesul hamawiyah
11.Fathul majeed (the explanation of kitaabut tawheed) more than once
12.Lumatul i’tiqaad of ibn qudaama
13.Vol 1 of sharh ibn ‘Aqeel (The explanation of Alfiyah ibn maalik) in nahw (arabic grammer)
14. The masaa’il and rasaa’il of Imaam Ahmad
15.’Al Mudhakirrah (in usoolul fiqh) of Sh Muhammad Ameen Ash-Shanqitee

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