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[1] Introduction: [Repelling the lies of Ali Al-Halabi and his misguided party]

All praise is due to Allaah, and may (Allaah’s) salutations of peace and blessings be upon the noblest of the Prophets and the Messengers—our Prophet Muhammad—and upon his family and companions.  These are testimonies of the truthful and righteous Imaams of the Sunnah, which can neither be affected by the slanders of the sinful ones nor by the lies of the evil ones, such as the likes of Ali Al-Halabi—the ignoramus—and his misguided party.  How many fabrications and lies do they have against Ahlus Sunnah in general and against Shaikh Rabee in particular!  And from those (fabrications and lies of theirs ) is that they accuse Shaikh Rabee of ignorance, self-contradictory, having changes in his (Manhaj) and other lies which they have perpetrated upon the path of the people of desires.  When they became unable to confront the clear proofs and manifest evidences, they resorted to these despicable and disgraceful paths.  By Allaah they have lied, for indeed the senior scholars have testified a lot for Shaikh Rabee that he is a possessor of knowledge and that he is well grounded in it; and that he is an upright person; steadfast; an aider of the Salafi Creed and a defender of those who call to the Salafi Creed; and that he is a person who repels falsehood and its people with manifest evidences.


[Paraphrased and abridged: for further details, see link:

Posted by Ahmad Bin Yahyah Az-Zahraani (may Allaah preserve him)]

Next post: The statements of the scholars about Shaikh Rabee (may Allaah preserve him)

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