Make the Qur’aan the focal point of your life… Your hereafter depends on it.

A small reminder to all of us from Al-Markaz as Salafi…. and a reminder benefits the believers.

Allah has blessed us with the opportunity in our communities to have people from different nationalities who have reached a good level of proficiency at reciting the Qur’aan. This is a great blessing from Allah.

The evidences regarding the importance of the Qur’aan and it’s virtues are numerous! We won’t go into them in detail but here is a brief summary:

Allaah (The Most High) said: “Indeed We have made the Qur’aan easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will remember (or receive admonition)” 54:17

When we look in the tafseer we find Imaam as-Saa’di saying that Allaah has made the wording of this noble Qur’aan easy- simple to memorize and accomplish, and He (The Most High) made its meanings easy to understand- because it is the best in its wording and most truthful in meaning. So whoever devotes himself to it, Allaah will make his seeking after it very easy and simple…(see tayseer al-kareem ar-rahmaan)

And we all know very well that the Qur’aan is a complete and perfect guidance. It is a “shifa” (cure) for all that in the souls and a “rahma” (mercy) from Allah. It is the true light of guidance and a “furqaan” (criterion) between truth and falsehood. It is a complete source of solace for the hearts and souls in times of distress and a means of strength in times of weakness. It is full of reward – with each letter being worth ten rewards.

Through it you can cure everything including scorpion bites, sadness and depression, jinn possession and magic… And it will cure these with a complete cure, leaving no trace of the ailment by the Will of Allaah.

We know that it will come as an intercessor on the day of resurrection for the one who recited and acted upon it.

So who from among us doesn’t want this?! All from just reading the words of Allah and acting upon it. One of the simplest things a person can do…

And there is no doubt reading is not difficult! We read hundreds of texts everyday, newspapers to articles, yet we nowhere near reach the level of being regular readers of the Qur’aan! It is reported from the Salaf that they would finish the Qur’aan at least once a month; with some once a week and others every few days even! As Salafis we should be following this example. Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saaleh Al-Uthaymeen greatly emphasised this affair particularly to the Salafis because he felt that some of us do not give enough time to the Qur’aan.

Indeed it is a deficiency if we are not striving to improve our recitation and understanding of the Qur’aan even though we have qualifications, degrees or are proficient in other aspects of the dunyah sciences… a deficiency we must try to overcome.

So let us strengthen our bond with the Qur’aan!

Let those of us who cannot recite properly go to the teachers available in our Salafi Centres and Masaajid – Manchester, Bolton or elsewhere. They are sat waiting to teach us. Let us not be distracted by other small affairs… All of which pale in comparison to the Word of Allah.

And when the Qur’aan classes are scheduled then make a note of them in your diaries and phones and do not replace them with other things such as football, cricket and other activities… Yes these things maybe permissible but they are highly trivial in comparison to the Qur’aan and attending lessons in the Qur’aan. So it is better to arrange those things around the Qur’aan lessons.

And when attending the lessons then make those lessons the only thing that you are thinking about. Do not speak about trivial matters… Switch off your phones and spend the full hour or two in just reading the Qur’aan and learning it. Do not give shaytaan the chance to pull you away from the dhikr (remembrance) of Allah.

… Make the Qur’aan the focal point of your life… Your hereafter depends on it.

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