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Mourad al-Jazaa’iri the Hajoori Fanatic,”Email Shaykh” Disgraced by His Own Arrogance

After a lengthy period of arrogance and opposition to the truth Mourad al-Jazaa’iri of Manchester has finally been exposed for the deviations he is upon, for the infatuated and corrupted blind following of his Shaikh al-Hajoori that caused him to attack all those that spoke the truth, at the heads of them the likes of Shaikh ‘Ubayd al-Jabiry.  Shaikh Rabee’ has now clearly advised that this individual be warned against, and that is what will be done.

We will take this opportunity to councel the somewhat deluded “E-mail Shaykh” with his very own words! Only recently on 20th October he stated in yet another email in what can only be described as a delusional threat, “Very Important and Final Warning” [!], after having informed the readers that the affair is “important” and indeed “final”[!] he continued to say:

I am asking anybody whom I advised and he rejected the advice, and whom I have promised to refute you and expose your game and corrupted way, to repent to Allaah Almighty, send me an email and we will take it from there, save your face from being humiliated because you have opposed the Haq.”

We would highlight several issues here:

1 – Those whom he thinks he “advised” did not reject advice, rather what they were asked to do in effect was abandon the actual true and sincere advice of the scholars and follow his corrupt advice and his Shaykh al-Hajoori…that is what was rejected by them.

2 – The bold and magnificent “threats” of promises to refute people who oppose him and al-Hajoori only highlight the deluded state the “E-Mail Shaykh” Mourad al-Jazaa’iri is upon…it is he himself who has been refuted and his corruption and games exposed culminating in Shaikh Rabee’ stating he be warned against, not that he himself will refute others[!].

3 – Apparently the “repentance” has to be sent to Mourad al-Jazaa’iri via email [naturally], in order to save face?! Avoid humiliation!? For those who are upright in recognizing the corruption of al-Hajoori and his number one supporter in Manchester there was never anything to save face from, there was never any question of humiliation. Those who opposed the truth and instead attacked the likes of Shaikh Rabee’ claiming he has made a “wrong” statement against al-Hajoori, as well as the Salafi Centre of Manchester, Spubs of Birmingham and others who supported the truth, as well as the students [Abu Khadeejah and Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam], and our brother Abu Mu-aawiyyah Abdullah Jallow with slanderous statements and lies…indeed such opposers to the truth are the ones in need of openly repenting and avoiding the humiliation of persistence upon falsehood.

It would appear that Mourad al-Jazaa’iri’s own words are applicable to himself rather than anyone else, he should proceed with caution after having promised to refute himself and expose the corruption and games….since he is the one who has rejected the advice of Shaikh Rabee’ and others!

Yet we will not request that Mourad al-Jazaa’iri send us an email with his repentance, we are not deluded into thinking we are the “Court House” of Manchester – as Mourad al-Jazaa’iri seems to think he is [!] -, rather we will advise the deluded E-Mail Shaykh to repent sincerely to Allah fulfilling the conditions of repentance and to cease his attacks upon the scholars, the salafi centres and students….up until that time we will carry out the advice of the noble Shaikh Rabee’ may Allah preserve him.

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