Updated: Question to Sh. Hassan Al-Banna On Women Setting Up Da’wah Groups & Duroos

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Our Shaykh, the question is: Here in the west, particularly in America, Canada, and Britain, we have well-known Salafee Masaajid, and centers; classes and lectures are held therein with some of the students of knowledge and visiting scholars whenever possible. When this is the case, is it okay for the women who live near to these Salafee centers to establish Da’wah groups distinct from the centers and Masaajid in their areas, in which the people are gathered upon good?

And what is your advice to the women who are the founders of these organizations?


It is incumbent that they ask the men and not suffice with their (own) knowledge; because the knowledge of the women is deficient. They have to ask the men. When she has a problem then she must ask (the men) and when there is a matter which is common and easy which everyone knows, then she can speak regarding it. As for in cases of necessity in which there is a question then she is to ask a Shaykh and take from him; either by way of the telephone or when a Shaykh comes to them then she can ask him. The women may have distinct lessons, but it is  a must that scholars supervise them, even if by way of the telephone. And they are to ask them.

However, the woman is not to suffice with herself; because the men have learned and are able to study and travel to the lands and that is not easy for the women. So it is a MUST that she refer to the men.

Perhaps she may say: “I am a Shaykhah!” Huh? You are a Shaykhah? You have studied?
You are (but) a student; a student of knowledge. Allaahul-Musta’aan. May Allaah bless you and may Allaah reward you with good.

May Allaah give you life; may Allaah reward you, our Shaykh.

Shaykh Adds:
The Prophet (upon him be prayers and peace) said: “Convey from me, even if only one verse.” The woman may convey. If you know a verse; you understand it and you act upon it, then mention it to the people. Similarly for the woman; she may speak with it to the people.
HOWEVER, sitting and giving lessons all day and the people coming to her, she does not have the ability to do this. She has other more important matters; (such as) the children; the home; her husband; and so on. They are affairs which every woman knows their value. The role of the woman is great in the cultivation of the children; and Islaam has given her a great station; and that is remaining within the home; and she is (therein) an Ameerah! She cultivates the children upon good. However, she is not like the European woman, doing whatever she wants; no. All of it is within the limits of the Sharee’ah. And may Allaah bless you and reward you with good.

Translated by Raha ibn Donald Batts 



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