Shaikh Sulaimaan b. Abdullaah b. Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhaab – From the Imaams of the Da’wah – Abu Khadeejah

Fawaaid extracted by Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah (hafidhahullah)


Shaikh Sulaimaan b. Abdullaah b. Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhaab (1233AH, rahimahullaah) was killed by the criminal representative of the Ottomans, Ibrahim Pasha the son of Muhammad Ali Pasha (leader of Egypt).

This Ibraheem Pasha came to Dir’iyyah to demolish the Salafi State. Shaikh Muhammad b. Ibraaheem Aalush-Shaikh stated in the introduction of Tayseer al-Azeez al-Hameed (p. 13) that Ibraaheem Pasha brought along with him singing women, musical instruments, alcoholic drinks. Also French Military Officers and English Naval Officers were present. Not once was the Adhaan heard from their encampment!

They brought Shaikh Sulaimaan b. Abdullaah in front of Ibraaheem Pasha in 1233H whilst they was the playing of musical instruments and singing. The Pasha’s hatred and desire to humiliate this scholar led him out to the graveyard. There he ordered the soldiers to stand surrounding the Shaikh with rifles pointed towards him.

Then the commanded to every soldier to fire one bullet each into the Shaikh’s body. The Shaikh’s body was torn to shreds. Shaikh Sulaimaan was 33 years old when they killed him. The soldiers were then commanded to gather his flesh and limbs together.

Then Ibraaheem Pasha went to the father of Shaikh Sulaimaan, to Imaam Abdullaah b. Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhaab in order complete the hatred, envy and rancour he had in his wicked heart. He intended to humiliate Imaam Abdullaah and hurt him with news of his son’s murder: “We have killed your son.” This patient and righteous father (rahimahullaah) responded: “Even if you had not killed him, he would have died.”

(See al-Imaam al-Muhaddith Sulaimaan b. Abdullaah Aalish-Shaikh, of ash-Shimraanee, p.67-68).


1. Tayseer al-‘Azeez al-Hameed fee Sharhi Kitaab at-Tawheed.

By Shaikh Sulaimaan b. Abdullaah b. Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhaab (d. 1233H).

He was the grandson of Shaikhul-Islaam.

This was the first explanation of Kitaabut-Tawheed. It is considered amongst the lengthier explanations, but the Shaikh still did complete the explanation. He finished at the end of the “Chapter: Concerning What Has Been Related Concerning The Deniers Of Al-Qadr.” Then he passed away (rahimahullaah) and thus seven chapters were left incomplete.

Specific characteristics of this sharh:

1. It is considered amongst the largest explanations.

2. He narrated extensively from Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibnul-Qayyim and Ibn Hajr.

3. He gave the tafseer of the Quranic Aayaat.

4. He gave concern to takhreej and sourcing the Ahaadeeth with their chains of narrations.

5. It is distinguished with numerous Prophetic Ahaadeeth and Aathaar in the Sharh – their number reaching 615 with repetition. That is significant.


Every Sharh that was compiled after Shaikh Sulaimaan b. Abdullaah benefitted from his explanation. Shaikh Hamad b. ‘Ateeq (d. 1301H rahimahullaah) summarised this explanation in his book entitled, “Ibtaalut-Tandeed Bikhtisaar Sharh Kitaab at-Tawheed”. This was published with checking, Daar Atlas al-Khudaraa, Riyadh, 1424H.

Other editions include the Tahqeeq and checking of Shaikh Ahmad Shakir (rahimahullaah).


These are the Imaams of the Da’wah, the carriers of the banner of Tawheed, living and dying to uphold it.

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