Yahyah Ibn Taalib Al-Antaakiy informed us that Al-Musayyabu Ibn Waadih narrated to us (i.e. to them), saying: Yusuf Ibn Asbaat said to me: Sufyaan Ath-Thawri died whilst leaving behind two hundred Deenaar; so I said to him, ‘where did he get that two hundred deenaar, whilst he was the Zaahid of the scholars? He said: He used to put aside little by little with his brothers, so it (i.e. that wealth) was blessed for him. [Source: Al-Hath-thu Alaa At-Tijaarah of Al-Khallaal: page 35-36]

May Allaah bless any Muslim who seeks after the Halaal. May Allaah (The Most High) reward those who take time out to teach the people Salafiyyah and bless them in all their worldly affairs.  May Allaah protect them from those drowned in envy—especially those paranoid-attention-seeking-unstable ones. [Reminder: Read here: . http://salaficentre.com/2013/09/1-envy-a-great-disease-of-the-hearts-and-some-of-its-cures/

May Allaah guide those drowned in envy and ignorance.. (Aameen)


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