[3] Quotes from Shaikh Raslaan’s Radd against Halabi Al’Mubtadi–Thorns for Brixton and Their Ally Muhammad Al-Maliki; and Thorns for Masjid As-Sunnah and Their Ally Naveed Ayaz (of Madeenah Dot Com)

Shaikh Raslaan (may Allaah preserve him) Stated:

It is a must that he (Halabi) is refuted for his confounding (truth with falsehood) and haphazard (statements or behaviour), in order to repel his rebellious behaviour and transgression, and (in order) to unveil his state of affairs with regards to his harsh behaviour (which is not confined within the boundaries of the Manhaj of the Salaf) and his going beyond bounds (in the religion); and (in order) to clarify the scope of his learning and intellect, so that the scope of what he claims or what is claimed for him is manifested from (what he has done) and the knowledge (he possesses)….’’



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