Sayyid Qutb is no doubt a reviver; rather a reviver of the Major innovations

Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi Al-Madkhalee (may Allaah preserve him) stated:

Indeed the fitna of this man and those with him is the fitna of this era. It is the severest fitna in this era because it confounds (truth with falsehood through the true) Salafi methodology.  Beware of them O brothers! They have affairs of deception, adulteration, plotting and trickery, which are not known except to Allaah. They preoccupy themselves mostly with (setting up) traps for the Salafi youth.  They neither give concern to inviting the Christians and Jews nor the rawaafid (shiites) and the soofees to the true methodology. And why is this (the case)? Because the one who is deprived of (something) cannot give it (to others).

So (what) they mostly preoccupy themselves with is to corrupt the righteous people and those whom Allaah has guided to the way of the Lord of the Worlds.  Most of (what) they preoccupy themselves with at present in the world is to set traps for the Salafi youth and they wear a counterfeit Salafi gown so that they are able to tear it (i.e. the true guidance) apart and distance it from this (true) methodology.

They utilize various ways to defame the scholars of this (true) methodology and this methodology itself, and Allaah’s Protection is sought! They brandish the methodology of Sayyid Qutb even though within it there is insult against the prophets; even though within it there is Takfeer against some of the Sahaabah and even though within it there is Takfeer against the ummah….; creeds of misguidance—the creed of hulool, wahdatul wujood, nullification of Allaah’s Attributes and the (innovated speech that the) Qur’aan is created.  All these affairs (of misguidance committed by Sayyid Qutb)- in their view-does not negate revival, for according to them he is a Mujaddid (reviver)!!

We say: Yes, he is a Mujaddid, but a Mujaddid of every major bidah, (such as) the school of thought of the khawaarij, the rawaafid, the murjia, the jabariyyah and the soofiyyah. He revived all of them, and between us (Salafis) and them (i.e. the followers of Sayyid Qutb) are the books of Sayyid Qutb and his writings (as a witness).

According to them this is the Mujaddid and an Imaam for whose sake they (establish) alliances (with those who agree with them) and enmity (towards those who oppose them). So what calamity upon Islaam can be more severe than this calamity?

[Source: الذريعة إلى بيان مقاصد كتاب الشريعة للإمام المحدث أبي بكر محمد بن الحسين الآجري   pages: 112-113; Vol 1, abridged]


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