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The Methodologies of Sayyid Qutb, Hassan Al-Banna and Mawdoodee’- By Shaikh Rabee Bin Haadi

Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi Al-Madkhali (rahimahullaah) stated:

By Allaah the methodology of Sayyid Qutb, (Hasan) al-Banna and Mawdoodi can never come together (in agreement) with the Salafi Methodology. They can never come together-misguidance and guidance cannot come together; so understand (this) O youth! It is obligated upon you to (adhere) to the methodology of the Salafus Saalih (i.e. the first three pious generations of Islaam-the Sahabah; then those who followed them; then those who followed the followers of the Sahaabah).

[Source: الذريعة إلى بيان مقاصد كتاب الشريعةpage: 97. Vol 1]

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The Quran and Sunnah Upon The Understanding of The Salaf

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