Women’s Qur’an Classes: Tajweed & Qur’an reading & memorisation @Salaficentre

Qur’an classes for sisters at the masjid

  • Sunday 9 – 11 am


The lessons will be in a group but each person will be taught individually based on their level.

There will be a nominal fee of £3 per lesson (£6 if both days are taken) – Payable in blocks of 5 weeks. (£15.00).

For anyone wishing to attend, there are strict rules which must be adhere to;

  1. No children allowed:
    1. NO exceptions
    2. Children are defined as up to the age of 16 (Anyone under this age should attend the girls quran classes on Tuesdays and Friday’s 5-7pm)
  2. All sisters must attend for the full 2 hours – the lesson is not a “drop-in and read” type lesson.
  3. Anyone who misses 2 lessons in the five week period will not be allowed to return until the next 5 week period begins.

PLEASE NOTE these rules are strict due to the importance if the Qur’an. As we will only be having one lesson a week it’s important we make the most of the time available and with Allah lies the success.

Register Here: http://salaficentre.com/womens-quran-registration/

For further information please contact Umm Farooq or Sister Lola.

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