Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz [Madeenahdotcom/IslamNelson] Exposed [Part 2]

Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady highlighted several years ago the reality of Madeenahdotcom, in particular the existence of blatant liars amongst them. Perhaps it is such speech of the scholars highlighting their wayward methodology that upsets Naveed Ayaaz to such a degree. Nevertheless it would have been expected that as a grown adult he would have dealt with the refutations upon him with some degree of honour, regrettably that was seeking too much.

Upon apparently realising and recognising the fact that indeed he is unable to respond to the criticisms against him, he has engaged in a despicable act of cowardice in attempting to gain community support for himself. Quite apparently he realised his dubious teaching would not gain him the support required hence he has disgustingly resorted to purposely attempting to involve other innocent individuals into his affair.

The affair has always been linked to Madeenahdotcom and, specifically in our town of Nelson, Naveed Ayaaz and his erroneous methodology. The affair has never been with regards to any Masjid whatsoever! However, disgracefully, Naveed Ayaaz very politically attempts to gain support by stating that I along with others have “….been part of this campaign against myself [Naveed Ayaaz], our Da’wah and the Masjid“.

So I say to this disgraceful individual – who with a pitiful whimper decided to try and rally the community against myself and salafidawalancs – that no-one has ever made an issue regarding the Masjid! We have never mentioned the Masjid in the refutations against Naveed Ayaaz! The affair from beginning to end is related to Naveed Ayaaz’s distorted methodology and has nothing to do with the Masjid! Any clarification or refutation presented on this issue from myself has always been directed at Naveed Ayaaz and Naveed Ayaaz alone! Hence I advise this individual to drop this highly pitiful and degrading act of attempting to rally the congregation to join his defence! He will be refuted upon his incorrect methodology irrelevant of what masjid he may be in! So his embarassing attempt to link this affair to the masjid and get innocent individuals involved in his deteriorating situation is truly degrading and somewhat cringeworthy in reality.

He also then continues to pitifully say regarding me, “He holds our Masjid to be a masjid of Ahlul Bid’ah“. Once again, I remind this individual to have at least some honour and not attempt this whimpering feeble cry to gain support from the community. The issue is NOT about the congregation or the community or the Masjid, we have NOT declared the congregation as innovators! I challenge Naveed Ayaaz to provide evidence that we have declared the average everyday congregation, elders, youth, brothers and sisters ALL as INNOVATORS…which is essentially what his statement would wish to imply to gain support from the community!? The statement is so ridiculous it is beyond belief any sane individual could even utter it, let alone for a so-called graduate to insinuate it in order to disgracefully rally the commoners onside with a general, unrestricted sweeping statement that the masjid has been declared “ahlul-bid’ah”! In reality he is fully aware we have not intended that at any stage with anything we have said.

Scholars have declared the GLM organisation as Hizbee upon evidence, and if the current leadership of the Masjid – I intend IslamNelson – wish to affiliate and ascribe themselves to GLM then they [IslamNelson] are placed alongside them! That is exactly what I told Naveed Ayaaz in a meeting some months ago! That if the Masjid – i.e. IslamNelson currently in essence – is an affiliate of a Hizbee organisation and ascribes itself to it and aids and supports it then it is placed along with that Hizbee organisation….and so that is a decision in the hands of IslamNelson now, not me! If they wish to affiliate to supporters and promoters of al-Maghrib and al-Kauther, magicians and singers [who apparently Naveed Ayaaz and IslamNelson refuted, since they claim to have OPENLY AND PUBLICLY REFUTED THE GLM SHAMBLES “QUR’AN AND I” CONFERENCE, yet none of us have had the pleasure of hearing anything or seeing anything to this day from this apparently very public refutation] then that is their issue to deal with.

This would NOT mean that we have declared everyone A MUBTADI’! [INNOVATOR]. Ahlus Sunnah do not label individuals in masses recklessly as innovators no matter how much Naveed Ayaaz would desire we did, and that is why he and his colleagues have made concerted efforts for months to extract a “fatwa” from me that the people of the masjid are all innovators [!], that it is a masjid of “ahlul-bid’ah” in a generalised and unrestricted sense incorporating all attendees! ….clearly they have received nothing, and will not, since it is ridiculous beyond belief that I or anyone will make any such tabdee’! This is not the way of ahlus-Sunnah!

So once again, we see this awful and embarassing attempt made by Naveed Ayaaz to try to gain support from the commoners! We do not declare common people as innovators, rather we openly invite the community to attend our lessons at SalafiDawaLancs, it hardly makes any sense for us to declare everyone as innovators then send texts warmly inviting those same people to the lessons to come and sit alongside us!?

So I say in conclusion: Naveed Ayaaz have some shame and you alone face your issues on your methodology with honour – if indeed that is possible, not pitifully making woeful degrading attempts to gain sympathy from the community. This has nothing to do with the Masjid and the elders, youngsters, brothers and sisters of the community…this is about your corrupt methodology and your “IslamNelson” who have involved themselves of their own free will, since you are the so-called student who is supposed to be trusted to teach the people. If people have been advised not to teach at that masjid it is due to you and your corrupt ways and your colleagues, not the elders or youngsters or anyone else! It is IslamNelson that has attacked the Salafis publicly initially on tweets, and you with your pitiful statement, not the elders or youngsters, brothers and sisters of the community besides you!

Answer to yourself and your wayward methodology if indeed you are able, and if you are not able then continue to disgrace yourself – with what are essentially lies implied through your carefully chosen political terminology – that the Salafis make tabdee’ [declare as innovators] of everyone!


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