Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz [Madeenahdotcom/IslamNelson] Exposed [Part 1]

The great scholar al-Imam ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah [751H] stated: “Know that Allah sent His Messenger Mohammad صلى الله عليه و سلم [at a time when] the people of the Earth were in a greater need for the Revelation than the rain from the sky, [and in greater need for it] than the rays of light from the Sun that remove the darkness of the pitch black nights; so their need for it was the greatest of need, superior to all other needs, for indeed there is no life for the hearts nor happiness nor security except through knowing their Lord…” [paraphrased from مختصر الصواعق المرسلة على الجهمية والمعطلة p3/4]

Indeed how true are such words, for certainly there is no serenity, no peace or tranquility for the hearts except in attaching them to Allah عز و جل, and such attachment is attained through knowledge of our Creator, knowledge of His beautiful and perfect names and attributes, knowledge of that which the Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم was sent with and taught; all upon the understanding of the Salaf of this Ummah.

It is from the great blessing of Allah that Salafiyyah has become established in the U.K. in several regions with Salafi centres and masaajid present all around the country, teaching the pure religion, free of extremism or negligence, free of restrictions or compromise – upon such a basis, and recognising the importance of it, we have actively engaged in teaching Salafiyyah in the Nelson area and elsewhere for several years now by the blessing of Allah, the earliest public lessons beginning in 2007.

In current times – as regrettable as it may be – an individual by the name of Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz of the refuted Madeenahdotcom who have liars amongst them as stated by one of the scholars – Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady – has taken it upon himself to distance himself from the Salafis [hence no connection or relationship with the Salafis of Manchester at SalafiCentre, or Bradford Albaseerah, or Bolton Al-Huda, or Stoke-on-Trent Al-Furqan], and instead he holds relations with hizbee defenders of innovators such as those at Masjid Sunnah of Manchester as an example [the individuals who cut the phone-line to stop one of the scholars of the Sunnah of our time Shaikh Rabee’ bin Haady from delivering a lecture and have fought against the Salafi Dawah in Manchester for over a decade, instead supporting deviants such as Abul-Hasan al-Ma’riby].

Recently, this individual Naveed Ayaaz released a statement [9/3/14] wherein he put forth a series of events and accusations portrayed as facts when indeed reality does not testify to their accurateness [some of which have already been comprehensively exposed as lies, such as his claim that I attempted to turn the guest Imam for Ramadhan “against the masjid” on Eid Day]. He indicates he engaged in such action due to a “whatsapp picture refutation and some tweets” that were circulating at the time.

I personally, upon reading the somewhat “emotional” statement filled with an apparently sympathy-seeking narration of “events” – whilst at the same time virtually completely void of any evidence-based argument or proof Allahul-Musta’an, did not deem any great need to reply to such absurdity and time-wasting activity, and instead continued upon teaching and busying the people with beneficial knowledge, such as our regular Friday evening Tafsir classes from the book of Shaikh al-‘Uthaymeen. In the meantime however, some of our noble German Salafi brothers were engaged in refuting the wayward methodology of Abul-Abbas Naveed and his associates…this leads to the first crucial point:

This whole affair began as an exchange of tweets between IslamNelson and our brothers of the “WegderSalaf” account, on the evening of Saturday 8th March approximately 22:00, something that was completely and utterly unkown to me upon its beginning…then a picture became widespead of Naveed Ayaaz – on Sunday 9th March – lecturing with those who invite magicians, singers and innovators – a picture [in its original format] that was initially sent out publicly by a Salafi brother from London without any knowledge from myself or the Manchester brothers weeks prior to that date! The picture of 9th March was a simple alteration of the original that had been in circulation for weeks already.

Considering the above facts, why and for what reason IslamNelson decided to mention my name and why Abul-Abbas Naveed decided to write about me is still a bewildering unresolved conundrum [I, nor anyone else, have ever mentioned IslamNelson in any public capacity prior to their initial public “outburst” against us via Twitter, so it is baffling why they would wish to publicly disgrace themselves and provoke the Salafis initially? Perhaps this is a fine example of what evil suspicion has done to them, as Naveed Ayaaz claims in his slanderous fashion that “we are working behind the scenes” against them?!].

Their whole exchange of tweets was between themselves [IslamNelson] and their crazed tweeting Dawah-Man Abu Mus’ab Naman Yasin [who may well actually be the IslamNelson tweeter anyway, although they may decide to conceal the identity of who landed IslamNelson in all this mess through mindless, crazed provocative tweeting[!] and our German brothers and their dawah account “Wegdersalaf”… despite the nonsense directed at me from IslamNelson, I did not personally respond to them at all, yet they continued tweeted mentioning all types of falsehood that they will be held accountable upon and proofs will be requested in due course insha’Allah.

It seems they are under some deluded suspicion-ridden thought that anyone who refutes their reality of co-operation with innovators and hizbees in Manchester and elsewhere, then they must be receiving instruction from myself, so let them take that evil suspicion and keep it to themselves and their likes. I will now make clear that I had no knowledge of the affair when it began over Twitter [I was only made aware after the initial tweets were exchanged of what had occurred], if they wish to make accusations otherwise then let them bring forth their evidence.

I have personally only once publicly written to clarify the errors of Naveed Ayaaz by name and that was several months ago when he refused to publicly sincerely advise the people and refute the GLM deviated conference even though in private he admitted and ackowledged its incorrectness, since then I have not engaged in any public article or tweeting regarding him by name whatsoever, instead we have busied ouselves with the Salafi Dawah in Nelson, teaching freely without restrictions; hence the pitiful claim that I am at fault for recent occurrences is an absurd fantasy regrettably for him. It would have been better and more beneficial for him and IslamNelson to not provoke or incite any affair with disgraceful public tweets to our German brothers at “Wegdersalaf”, however that was their decision and they have received their due response to date. [We are lead to believe that in actual fact it is only one individual who tweets from the IslamNelson account mostly, so if they wish to identify him and exclude themselves they are free to do so, but otherwise the tweets emanated from their dawah account hence the whole of IslamNelson is implicated].

I will also highlight, that despite not having any involvement in the beginning of this affair over Twitter, all those who have and continue to refute Naveed Ayaaz upon evidence are correct to do so in order that the common people are not decieved by his wayward methodology, hence I am fully supportive of our German brothers, Salaficentre and others in refuting this wayward individual, and now Shaikh Mohammad Baazmool حفظه الله has advised accordingly regarding the erroneous methodology of Naveed Ayaaz too.

Part 2 will follow insha’Allah; I will discuss the completely dumbfounding cowardice Naveed Ayaaz engaged in attempting to gain the support of the community in his case against myself and @SALAFIDAWALANCS as well as the Salafis elsewhere. The carefully planned terminology in his emotional statement will be highlighted to show the disgusting levels of political deception such defenders of Hizbees [with a racist among them!] are willing to engage in to achieve their objectives in opposing the Salafis.


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