Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz disgracefully facilitated ample space within his statement of [9/3/14] to allocate several lies sufficient room within it. One such pitiful lie was his claim that I spoke to the guest Imam that was present during Ramadan and tried “to turn him against the Masjid“.

The incident he refers to relates to ‘Eid Day [‘Eid ul-Fitr 2013] at the residence of one of the brothers of Nelson. That very brother, the host of that day, explains the reality of what occurred in his own home – and it is far from the harrowing depiction of “desperate attempts” being made to “turn people away from the masjid” [!].

This is the testimony of the brother: [Sections in brackets are informational additions in order that the reader may understand the testimony, bold text is to highlight points clearly to the reader].

“I invited Taqweem and Mustafa on Eid Day spur of the moment without prior planning or any meticulous arrangement as falsely stated by certain individuals. [* this refers to the lie that was concocted stating that I had meticulously and precisely planned to see the Imam with the intention of refuting the masjid he was leading the taraweeh prayers in].

As we sat at my house it was Mustafa himself who opened up the subject of the ahlul Hadith and the masjid and began questioning Taqweem (before Naveed arrived), without any prompt or attempt from Taqweem to enter such a conversation. Naveed also completely uninvited turned up.

After naveed turned up it was not a nice occasion and in fact typical of the double standards, whilst sitting down [he said] “so who are the refutations about this time Taqweem” muttered under his breath. [*Shaikh Ahmad Bazmool stated, “A person who ascribes to the Sunnah becomes a betrayer when: (and he mentioned)…he discredits them [people of truth] by saying such things as ‘They don’t do anything but criticise’ “, that is a trait of Naveed Ayaaz that we will elaborate upon later insha’Allah]

Bear in mind this was ‘Eid day. I had invited my brother Taqweem and Mustafa to have some food. In comes Naveed and Rizwan. The conversations get heated. He raises his voices and the matter quickly escalates to a bad environment all the while I have other families coming to see my family. My sister and brother-in-law coming and my dad, wife and child in the house.

This brother Naveed didn’t take into consideration the effect of his rude behaviour and this isn’t mentioned in any one of his statements, rather he promotes so much batil [falsehood] and double standards in his speech in “our masjid” it is unbelievable. It’s never been our masjid it never was, it was always “their masjid” and now he has clearly decided to join them and the mere fact that he is affiliated with GLM whom the scholars declare a hizby organisation as Mustafa actually agreed, is sufficient for the one who sees and has ears and can witness.

I had been speaking with Mustafa and at length with Daleel [evidence] from the aqwaal [statements] of the ulama [scholars] regarding GLM and it was clear for Mustafa then after this occasion occurred I sat with Mustafa for a brief moment after eid and Noman [aka Dawahman for IslamNelson Abu Mus’ab Naman Yasin, the crazed tweeter] came into the prayer hall walking up to me and said loudly, ” Why don’t you just leave him alone and let him be in peace”, at this point I took my time, ended the conversation with Mustafa, stood up and walked out; this is clear concise detailed list of occurrences between Naveed, me, Noman and Mustafa and Taqweem.

The hilarious thing after all this is that Taqweem had the smallest part to play in these conversations with Mustafa rather it was me who spent the majority (80%+) time with Mustafa and bearing this in mind my name isn’t mentioned at all about the incidents with Mustafa?!?
This is justice? This is nothing but attempts for character defamation and batil [falsehood].

This is true fact according to the best of my knowledge and through this I seek the reward from Allah the Most High.

This is here signed and affirmed as correct and true —

Mohammed Ibraheem Latif.
Monday, 10/03/2014″

Clearly Naveed Ayaaz wishes to portray an image of maticulously planned activities occurring as a part of the fictitous “campaign” he speaks of, however the reality is not in agreement. There never was any attempt to “turn” anyone [!]…rather it was ‘Eid day and a simple gathering to eat!

Finally we highlight once again, that this in actual fact was another feeble attempt by Naveed Ayaaz to divert attention from himself and rally the community to his aid, by brandishing this extravagent claim that attempts were being made to “turn” the Imam against them[!]. Hence, the failed attempt at deception made by Naveed Ayaaz is comprehensively exposed.

He will have to realise sooner rather than later that it is HIS erroneous methodology that is in question here…not the innocent community or any temporary guest Imam.

More testimonies will follow to highlight further lies in Naveed Ayaaz’s “emotional” statement.


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