The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم stated, “If you have no shame then do as you please” [al-Bukhary]. Shaikh al-Fawzan حفظه الله تعالى mentioned in his explanation of this hadith, “Shame [modesty] is a great characteristic which prevents a person from degraded and lowly affairs that are not befitting of him, as well as evil mannerisms; hence the one who has shame refrains from that which is not befitting”. [Explanation of 40 Hadith p181].

How suitable it would have therefore been for this Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz of the refuted Madeenahdotcom to restrict himself upon shame and not transgress the boundaries in his speech; regrettably such restriction did not materialise, instead what did materialise was another embarassing lie in his statement of [9/3/14].

He claimed that “secret meetings” and “personal visits” have occurred “even to my neighbours in trying to push his agenda against me“….we will now enlighten the readers of the reality of these apparently ‘highly classified and covert’ activities that have supposedly occurred…even with his neighbours[!].

The “neighbour” whom he refers to is none other than the same “sympathiser” who exposed Abul-Abbas Naveed and his lies upon the affair of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’riby, claiming that he is “with Shaikh Rabee”[!]…only for us to later discover he does not agree that al-Ma’riby is a deviated innovator at all!

This is the text of some conversations with Naveed Ayaaz’s “neighbour” [typing errors, punctuation and abbreviations have been rectified – original unrectified text [screenshot] is available in the video series produced by our German brothers previously]:

Sample 1: “I’ve told you a 1000 times, if he is not going to retract then I have no way of knowing he would not do it again, so how could any sitting or anything else ever occur? So who is holding everything up? Please answer. If anything was ever possible of course. I cannot do anything if one party refuses to retract an open lie they have been caught on. It is so simple”.

The “neighbour”: “OK, I grant you that“.

Sample 2: “You certainly remember him trying to clarify his Shaikh Rabee statement and give you justifications, even if you do not remember details of HOW he tried to justify [it]…and that is the point (I remember anyway what you told me but I am not going to get dragged into his games, he knows the actual explanation details are not the point here, [he is] trying to wriggle out”.

[In brief, his pathetic attempt at justifying his failed deception of claiming he is with Shaikh Rabee’ was that he agrees with the Shaikh’s refutations but does not consider al-Ma’riby an innovator due to them ?! An explanation that would require a substantial degree of thought and contemplation to actually render it remotely comprehendible, how a person claims in an absolute fashion he is with Shaikh Rabee’ – who has refuted al-Ma’riby and holds him an innovator – only to then say he does NOT actually hold al-Ma’riby as an innovator?!].

The “neighbour”: “That is exactly what I have just said, I said the details are irrelevant, how can you say you are with Shaikh Rabee’ then deny later you ever having said that when you were explaining to me after the Bolton meeting what you meant by it“.

It would appear that the apparent “agenda” was hardly being nudged, let alone pushed[!]. Since the “neighbour” was actually in agreemant completely of his own accord and his own witnessing and experience of Naveed Ayaaz that indeed he [Naveed Ayaaz] has lied! Perhaps Naveed Ayaaz would wish to now update his statement and include his “neighbour” as one of the conspirators in the fantasy “covert agenda” rather than a victim within it?

Of course, it has become known of late that the “neighbour” [the identity of whom will remain anonymous since Naveed Ayaaz is fully aware of who is being spoken of and that is sufficient as mentioned in the earlier video on this affair, although “apparently”(!) his right-hand man – the crazed tweeter Abu Mus’ab Naman Yasin – who started the mess for IslamNelson claims Naveed Ayaaz has not informed him [!], in which case I have directed him to go and  resolve the “trust issues” that apparently exist between him and his leader and to not waste my time] is a sympathiser of Naveed Ayaaz despite acknowledging and testifying to his lying, hence any outlandish attempts to “conspire” to alter the testimonies would not be of any surprise nor benefit, nevertheless, it would be sufficient as a refutation of Naveed Ayaaz if he attempted that, considering the evidence exists in the proverbial black and white writing.

It is completely and utterly perplexing how Naveed Ayaaz insists to this day he did not persistently lie?! On 3 seperate occasions this disgraceful individual has persisted upon it! Once in a meeting in Bolton [the Salafi Masjid, Masjid al-Huda], once in the “neighbour’s” house [!] and once on the day of ‘Eid to save face in front of the guest Imam they had invited Allahul-Musta’an, as well as regularly claiming his innocence in deluded text messages.

Perhaps he still wishes us to believe that the “neighbour” somehow miraculously hallucinated hearing him making efforts to justify his failed attempt at deception over the Ma’riby issue. Claiming he was misheard may have passed, but the fact that he himself was making attempts to justify his speech – the speech that apparently he had never said [!] – leaves the affair beyond any doubt whatsoever. How woeful it is for this individual Naveed Ayaaz to have made such misleading and deceptive comments, such chilling narrations of “neighbours” being visited in covert meetings to “push agendas”, when in reality the same neighbour testifies to Naveed Ayaaz’s lying! Therefore leaving no need to “push” any “agenda”[!].

What a blessing Salafiyyah is! The Salafi following the evidences, taking heed of the advice of the scholars – a part of which is the refutations and warnings against stray individuals – finds no such need for tying knots around himself…and certainly no need whatsoever to persistently lie even after blatantly caught.

Naveed Ayaaz continues upon his silence regarding the deviants of Masjid Sunnah – a racist among them for good measure -, aiding and aligning himself with Hizbee defenders of innovators like al-Ma’riby, al-Halaby and others. So it is his loss that he is unable to speak the truth instead choosing to turn a blind eye upon those who cut the telephone line to stop Shaikh Rabee’ lecturing; we in the meantime will continue teaching @SalafiDawaLancs upon the methodology learnt from our scholars, free of hizbiyyah, free of compromise, free of having our hands shackled and tied.

We will await Naveed Ayaaz to retract and repent from such evil insinuations he attempted…


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