Are the Refutations upon Naveed Ayaaz/IslamNelson “Fair”?

In recent times a series of refutations have been directed at Naveed Ayaaz [Madeenahdotcom] and IslamNelson as a response to their initial outlandish crazed tweeting [mostly beginning on 09/03/14] regarding the Salaficentre, SalafiPublications [although they were too cowardly to actually specify the name], Abu Iyaad and myself.

I have received some communications regarding the refutations over the course of the previous week or so. May Allah reward the individuals who communicated in a polite and appropriate manner and offered their opinions. In any case, we will now summarise the affair thus far in order to highlight the completely fair and accurate nature of the refutations upon Naveed Ayaaz and his affiliates. I would advise everyone to examine the evidences carefully and follow the links prior to forming opinions, may Allah have mercy on you.

The previous article “Naveed Ayaaz’s Secretive Abuse of the Salafis Exposed” highlighted the disgraceful comments of Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz toward the Salafis. It was based upon the “official statement” Naveed Ayaaz himself released and distributed, his own comments that he himself wrote were discussed. Please see below a screenshot of the official statement that was distributed by IslamNelson, written by Naveed Ayaaz himself:


As for the statement Naveed Ayaaz made regarding Abu Iyaad and the du’aat that they are “Super Salafis”, that is based upon a verified witness testimony of a brother [Nasser Hussain] who Naveed Ayaaz insisted on visiting and speaking to just last month. If Naveed Ayaaz wishes to declare the brother who testified as a liar and claim he never ever uttered the hate-filled envious words “Super-Salafis” then he is welcome to present that to us, and in reality it will just become another evidence upon his lying. Quite clearly Naveed Ayaaz will not do that since he very obviously did utter such nonsense and he is fully aware of that.

I would say this to my brothers and sisters; Naveed Ayaaz, Naman Yasin and IslamNelson have evidently fallen into “victim-syndrome” whereby they wish to portray themselves as the innocent victimised individuals in this affair all of a sudden [!]. The reality is far from that – boisterous, shameless slander using their twitter account, Naman Yasin – the Islamnelson Dawahman – texting me to boisterously claim that everything is coming out in the open! A statement from Naveed Ayaaz that has been proven to contain lies [unless of course the various witnesses testifying all happen to be liars and only Naveed Ayaaz and IslamNelson are the honourable and trustworthy [!], the seal upon that being that even one of Naveed Ayaaz’s own allies and sympathisers has testified to his lying! Please see:

Hence, perhaps it would be worthwile everyone taking note that it was indeed IslamNelson who disgracefully began the abuse directed at myself and others [view timeline of IslamNelson, unless they have deleted them now!], Abu Mus’ab Naman Yasin who shamelessly tweeted against Abu Iyaad claiming his visit and advice etc was all “mere P.R.” apparently [!], Naveed Ayaaz who decided that SalafiPublications, Salaficentre, myself and other Salafis are out there to “cause chaos”… the Salafis have responded to free themselves of the accusations – apparently that is unacceptable for some strange reason?

The amazing factor in all of this is that it was all completely unprovoked! No tweet, no article, no message was sent from SalafiPublications, nor Salaficentre, nor Abu Iyaad, nor myself refuting or mentioning IslamNelson, or Naveed Ayaaz to instigate this affair! It was a twitter exchange between IslamNelson and some of our german brothers…it really is not our issue now that IslamNelson upon their evil suspicion decided it must have been an organised initiation of tweets with them and so they pre-empted by directing their slander against everyone else too!

All previous articles are based upon testimony and factual evidence [IslamNelson tweets, posters they promote, witness testimonies etc], there is nothing that is simply “rumour”. The secret racist is reality, his emails are available and present and real. The Hizbees of Masjid Sunnah cut the phone line on Shaikh Rabee’, that is real, the actual recording of the lecture is available once we replaced the communications [see here], Naveed Ayaaz lecturing with deviants and increasing numbers for them with absolutely no clarification of their errors as scholars specify as a rule [Madeenahdotcon/Naveed Ayaaz are FULLY AWARE of that since they posted the video regarding Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhaly’s رحمه الله on the issue!], that is a fact.

As difficult as it may be for some to accept the truth, the reality is, the truth it is.

Perhaps Naveed Ayaaz, Naman Yasin and IslamNelson should have remembered, [as Naman Yasin is all too aware]… do not throw stones at others, if your own house is made of glass.

It would appear we have a genuine case of ضربني وبكى – سبقني و اشتكى

He hit me [first] then cried [himself]….then preceded me and complained!



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