Shaikh al-Fawzan stated within his explanation of the 40 Hadith,

…speech is easy upon the people, the tongues are always in movement and speaking...”,

the Shaikh continued to say,

…so the tongue is very dangerous and this is why the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم cautioned against it, hence it is upon a muslim to be cautious from speech and to not speak except with the truth…


Indeed the affair is as such in reality… a reality that the disgraced Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz and IslamNelson catastrophically tumbled into via their official twitter account in recent times; and perhaps it is the crazed tweeter – Abu Mus’ab Naman Yasin – the resident “Dawaman” of IslamNelson who is responsible for their mess in the main part.

There have been accusations and slander against a number of individual brothers, as well as generalised despicable statements against the SalafiCentre of Manchester and our brothers of Birmingham; and of course they intend SalafiPublications here.

However, perhaps cowardice overcame Naveed Ayaaz, rendering him unable to utter the name in specification of whom he directed his abuse and slander towards, when he claimed that he has apparently “learnt”[!] that “such individuals, and their peers in Birmingham, do not desire a solution, rather they want to cause chaos and discord between the people“. [This calamitous accusation and slander will be discussed at a later stage insha’Allah].

The intent here is to highlight the slanderous and lying nature of IslamNelson [we say IslamNelson since the accusations and slander emanated from their official account on Twitter]. After the sorrowful and emotional statement made to depict nothing less than apparent harrowing victimisation and targeting [!] of Naveed Ayaaz, for years and years, with an ongoing “campaign” and clandestine activities occurring “behind the scenes” – all of which he burdened in silent suffering until now [!] – was released by IslamNelson, several significant “holes” – to phrase it euphemistically – were evident.

One such hole was his claim that a “desperate attempt” was made to turn their guest Imam for Ramadan against the Masjid. That nonsense was comprehensively refuted and exposed by a brother in Nelson who was witness to the events. [Refer to previous article: Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz: Lying Exposed [Testimony 1]]

Once IslamNelson (or perhaps just Abu Mus’ab Naman the crazed tweeter and/or Naveed Ayaaz, since we are lead to believe the majority role in the mess made for themselves was carried by those two aforementiond individuals, and several other members of IslamNelson may well have actually been oblivious to the occurrences as they unfolded in real-time) realised the horrifying story of “campaigns” and “turning people against them” was being unravelled and exposed as complete and utter nonsense, with their backs against the wall after the witness testimony of Mohammad Ibrahim Latif, they pitifully decided they had no other option but to simply slander the witness and cast disgusting doubt upon his testimony and credibility as an escape. How shameless an act.

They therefore claimed in a despicable act of blatant lying that he can speak “NO Arabic!” [with capitalised text for the word “no” as per their own tweet exactly, indicating they wished to stress and highlight the slander rather than just simply slander…simply slandering was clearly not enough for them]. The full text of IslamNelson’s slanderous tweet “wow the deception does not stop! Ibraheem “spoke 80%”, yet he speaks NO Arabic! and Mustapha speaks NO english. Go figure.

The reality, as clear as the Sun in the sky, is that the brother does speak sufficient Arabic – enough to hold a basic conversation, and that he did indeed have some conversations with the Arabic-speaking guest Imam Mustapha… this without doubt is beyond question. In fact it is so far beyond questioning that it did not even take IslamNelson [or Abu Mus’ab Naman the crazed tweeter if indeed it was him tweeting anyway from the IslamNelson account!] long to realise that. In fact upon hearing such blatant slander, tweets were sent to IslamNelson requesting clarification and whether or not essentially they would be kind enough to “figure” it out for us.

Since all that could be “figured” out was that if in any given scenario there are two individuals of two different languages, and they speak “NO” amount from the other language, then verbal communication in its typical sense is impossible. However that “figuring out” left a problem… which is that in our scenario one individual DID INDEED speak enough to communicate with the other, hence it would mean IslamNelson had disgracefully LIED and slandered to save face after the disastrous crazed tweeting of one of their members. Surprisingly – or perhaps arguably without any great degree of surprise whatsoever [!] – IslamNelson failed to answer the very puzzle they tweeted! They refused to “figure” it out after requesting the public to do exactly that!? Perhaps it was a case of “tweet first, think later”, so when they did finally think, they realised what a slanderous accusation it was.

Instead, a short while later,  the crazed tweeter Abu Mus’ab Naman appeared [assuming it was not him initially anyway] – on his personal account [!] – and essentially refuted IslamNelson by stating, “Ibrahim I dont hold u 2 b a liar but pls dont omit details. ‘brief moment with Mustafa’? U were doing his headin..” Hence, the crazed tweeter actually agrees that Ibrahim was telling the truth in his testimony but only states that “details” were required, he does not argue against the basis and origin of the testimony!

This leaves a complex dilemma for IslamNelson…complex indeed.

Their official line is that the brother could speak “NO” Arabic, hence his testominy was a lie, which is completely slanderous. Whereas their official Dawah representative, Abu Mus’ab Naman, holds the official line that he does not consider the brother [who was the host on ‘Eid Day for myself and the guest Imam, and the un-invited Naveed Ayaaz, I believe the phrase often employed is “gatecrashing”]  to have lied! Therefore essentially having no choice but to agree that his “leader” Naveed Ayaaz is the liar in his harrowing statement!

Quite the conundrum; either slander the witness Ibrahim and lie against him to save face and IslamNelson, or speak the truth that Ibrahim speaks enough Arabic to hold basic conversation and therefore condemn Naveed Ayaaz as the liar.

One final fascinating point that has been raised is that it is possible that the initial tweet was actually sent by Abu Mus’ab Naman under the IslamNelson account, and then later he replied from his own account to quickly dispel the calamitous slander he himself had tweeted from the IslamNelson account earlier! However, we will await clarification from IslamNelson regarding that – either way it is a disaster!

If it was Abu Mus’ab tweeting from two different accounts then what a pitiful disgrace! But if it was another member who tweeted intially then Abu Mus’ab their own Dawahman has refuted them!

Such a calamitous state of affairs! By the virtue of Allah, we @SalafiDawaLancs have not found ourselves engaged in such disgraceful affairs. By the blessing of Allah we continue making efforts to benefit ourselves and the community, teaching the old and young the pure methodology of Salafiyyah, not bound by conditions and restrictions of any nature.


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