The party of satan’s belief in the festivals of falsehood [raafidah shia]

They have a festival on the 18th of Dhul Hijja, which they consider to be more virtuous than Eedul Adhaa and Eedul Fitr. They call this festival Eedul Kabeer and it is the festival of Ghadeer Khum. They make fasting on this day a highly recommended and emphasized Sunnah. They  exalt the festival of Nayrooz and it is from the festivals of Persia. Some of them say that to take a bath on the Day of Nayrooz is Sunnah. They have a festival on the 9th of Rabi Al-Awwal and it is the festival on behalf of their forefather (Baaba Shujaa Ad-Deen), and that is Abu LuLu’a the fire worshiper who killed Umar Ibnul Khattaab (radiyallaahu-anhu).


[For further details, see treatise titled: [شيعة الشيطانpage: 67- by Shaikh Raslaan (may Allaah protect him). Page:67]

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