Extra details on helping the Muslims of Palestine-by Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah (may Allaah preserve him)

The Salafi Scholars state:

The Muslims should supplicate to Allaah seeking His help & protection for the Muslims of Palestine.

2. The Salafi Scholars stated: Muslims should make du’aa to Allaah to give relief to the oppressed Muslims in Palestine from tyranny.

3. Salafi Scholars state: The Muslims should aid the suffering Palestinians with humanitarian aid & medical supplies thru proper channels.

4. Salafi Scholars state: Palestine Humanitarian aid should be sent thru registered or government organisations so funds are not diverted.

5. The Salafi Scholars do not support the ideology & methodology of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine or elsewhere.

6. Aid the Palestinian people, Salafis should not donate to the Ikhwaani charity groups operating in the West who give support to Hamas.

7. It was reported last week “Saudi King Abdullah ordered immediate assistance to the Palestinian Red Crescent worth more than $50 million.

8. One can donate thru the Palestinian Red Crescent, a recognised and legitimate humanitarian organisation. Let us help the suffering.

[End of quote: We received the above message from a brother via WhatsApp]

Reminder: Shaikh Muqbil (rahimahullaah) on Hamas

Q: What do you say about the Islamic Jihad and the Hamas movement in the occupied Arab land of Philistein?

A: So he answered, may ALLAH have mercy upon him, “As for Hamas, then it is a Hizbi group. They don’t order with good and they don’t prevent from evil. Rather they blame and prevent Ahulus Sunnah. And if they received aid or help the would surely do as was done in Afganistan, with each one turning their cannons and machine guns against one another.




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