[2] Reminder for the Obstinate Wicked Liars and deviated disgraced graduates–Those spreading lies about the Salafis concerning the issue of Palestine

During the khilaafah of Uthaman (radiyallaahu-anhu) some of the desert Arabs exploited Abdullaah Ibn Saba’s falsehood and took to spreading lies against Uthman (radiyallaahu-anhu).  Ibn Saba used to write forged letters along with those who aided him, claiming that some of the Sahabah such as the likes of Zubair, Ali, Talhah, Aisha and others (radiyallaahu-anhum) were in agreement with them against Uthmaan’s manner of ruler ship. This forgery and slander convinced some of the ignorant people that the Sahaabah approved of their criticisms against Uthmaan—causing more hatred and leading to the killing of Uthmaan.  And when Masrooq informed Aaisha about this forgery and deceit, she said: ”I swear by the one in Whom the believers believe and in Whom the disbelievers disbelieve, I did not write that for them with black on white (i.e. I did not do that with ink on  paper) up to this day…’’ Al-A’mash said: ”Ibn Saba used to write falsehood and attributed it to Aisha.” [See Bidaaya Wan-Nihaayah 7/204 for full story]

This above story should be an admonition for the wicked fraudulent liars, for indeed lies can lead to great calamities. However, once again the obstinate, persistent wicked Liars and disgraced fraudulent opportunists have attempted to raise their heads; however they only increase themselves in disgrace. Whenever they attempt to hide the reality and release a tidal wave of lies and slander, the truthful people testify against them-indeed this is a great favour from Allaah (The All-Hearing, The All-Seeing]. Nothing entices them towards lies, slander and fraudulent claims except the blameworthy hatred and envy they harbour against the Salafi Students of knowledge and the Maraakiz. Likewise, it would have been better for them to return to the truth after the upright honest students refuted them and exposed their corrupt stances, alliances and companionship, but they obeyed shaytaan in spreading falsehood against the students. Their latest satanic claims have been nullified once again and all praise is due to Allaah. The stance of the Salafis towards the Muslims of Palestine is well-known.


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