Shaikh Muhammad Bin Haadi (may Allaah preserve him) was asked about attendance at Islamic conferences (or gatherings) of knowledge that are under the supervision of the Jam-iyyaat (i.e. Islamic organizations of illegal partisanship) but also attended by Mashaayikh who are considered to be upon the Sunnah….So the Shaikh said that the brothers are aware of his speech concerning all these Jam-iyyaat. These Jam-iyyaat seek to promote and establish their goals through some of the Mashaa-yikh, so Shaikh say that he not see that one should go to them.  Some of the Mashaayikh are unaware of the pursuit of these Jam-iyyaat through them; so one should not go to them. [1]

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[1] The Reality of [Masjid Al-Furqaan’s Admin (Rusholme Manchester)]- Allies of Goldie Abu Usamah



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