[6] Advice for the seekers of knowledge–Look at what one of our Salaf said!

Qataadah (rahimahullaah) narrated from Muttarrif Bin Abdillaah Ash-Shikh-kheer (rahimahullaah) who said: A share of knowledge is more beloved to me than a share of (optional) worship. To be in (a state of) well-being and am thankful is more beloved to me than to be afflicted and I exercise patience. I looked to a good affair in which there is no evil, so I did not find anything similar to wellbeing and being thankful (to Allaah).
[Original source: Jaami Bayaan Al-Ilm Wa-Fadlihi. 1/24 and quoted by Shaikh Raslaan in Fadlul Ilm. page: 217]

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