Greenlane’s Admin: ‘The Lasting Legacy’ Necessitates distancing oneself from all revolutionaries, admirers of khaarijites and their affiliates!

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower of Mercy

Shaikh Rabee Bin Haadi (may Allaah preserve him) said: We call to the methodology of the Salaf—to the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of the Messenger.  We utilize them as proofs in our creed; in our acts of worship; in our stances; in our relationship with the rulers and the ruled and in our relationship with the groups and sects.  As for others, they play games and tricks.  By Allaah! You do not find them except that they play tricks and games with the passion (or inclinations) of the youth. [End of quote]

Therefore, the affair is not merely about the Violent Khawaarij due to the present Fitnah of ISIS; rather let us see Greenlane’s Admin and Goldie take clear stances against all those who either carry the ideas of the khawaarij, or shelter people who carry the ideology of the khawaarij, or praise people who propagate the ideology of the khawaarij, such as the organization Ihyaa Turaath- those who shelter some speakers who advocate demonstrations and removal of the Muslim Rulers; admirers of the Takfeeri Sayyid Qutb; admirers of the Ikhwaani Mubtadi Yusuf Al-Qaradaawi and the revolutionary Mubtadi Abdur-Rahmaan  Abdul Khaaliq etc

Let us see Greenlane’s Admin and Goldie renounce the people of khurooj amongst Ihyaa Turaath. Let us see Goldie renounce the Takfeeri Muhammad Al-Maghraawi and those other deviants who advocate demonstrations in the Muslim lands, such as Yusuf Al-Qaradaawi and those admirers of Sayyid Qutb (the figurehead, guide and mentor of the contemporary Khawaarij terrorists).

Greenlane’s Admin shelters Goldie and Goldie Keeps the Company of the followers of the Takfeeri Al-Maghraawi [@ Masjid Sunnah (Cheethamhill Manchester)] 

See following articles about Al-Maghraawi: Revelations on the Doctrines of al-Maghraawi []  Revelations on the Doctrines of al-Maghraawi : Part 1   Revelations on the Doctrines of al-Maghraawi : Part 2  Revelations on the Doctrines of al-Maghraawi : Part 3

Greenlane’s Admin Shelters Goldie and Goldie praises the misguided Ikhwaani revolutionary Al-Qaradaawi

Goldie stated about Al-Qaradaawi: ”From the contemporary scholars and he is a scholar, is the Shaikh Yusuf Al-Qaradaawi…”

It is well-known to the people of Sunnah- scholars, students and the common people-that Yusuf Al-Qaradaawi is an evil deviant, who calls to demonstrations and protests. Likewise, he has many other affairs of misguidance. [see articles at [Readings in Qaradawism Part 1: article Id:NDV160001]  [Readings in Qaradawism Part 2: article Id: NDV160002] [Readings in Qaradawism Part 3: article Id: NDV 160003] [Readings in Qaradawism part 4: article Id: NDV 160004]

It is not surprising that Goldie (a man of bidah) admires Al-Qaradaawi (a figurehead of Ikhwaanism and Bidah); rather his admiration of Al-Qaradaawi further manifests another reality, and it is the fact that the hizbi organization Ihyaa Turaath (which is an affiliate of Goldie’s employers @Greenlane) are also admirers of the Ikhwaani Innovator Al-Qaradaawi. They (Ihyaa Turaath) stated: “We thank you for your sweet-smelling letter and we hope for an increase in communication between us regarding the treaty with the Jews that was published in the magazine Al-Muslimoon and the response of Shaykh Yoosuf al-Qaradaawee that was published in the magazine Al-Mujtama’ . So we request (that you) refer (back) to them….  “ Speaker:  the magazine Source: Al-Furqaan Pages: 59, pg. 65 Date: 1995. [1]

This agreement between Goldie and Ihyaa Turaath in their admiration of an Ikhwaani Deviant reminds us of the hadeeth: Aisha (radiyallaahu-anhaa) said, I heard the Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) saying, ‘’Souls are like recruited troops; those who are of like qualities are inclined to each other, but those who have dissimilar qualities differ.’’ [Saheeh Bukhaari Vol 4. Hadeeth Number 3336. Darusallam]

Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar (rahimahullaah) stated one of the meanings of this hadeeth in Fat-hul Baari that Al-Khattaabi (rahimahullaah) said: This may indicate to mean similarity in good and evil, righteousness or corruption– the good one amongst the people  is inclined towards one similar to him, and the evil one is similarly inclined towards the one similar to him.  Souls have an affinity with others in accordance with the nature in which they were created, good or evil. They will agree if their natures are similar, otherwise they will be at loggerheads…  [See Fat-hul Baari for further details]


Greenlane’s Admin Co-operates with Adnaan Abdul Qaadir of Ihyaa Turaath and Adnaan is an Admirer of the Takfeeri Sayyid Qutb!

Adnaan Abdul-Qaadir (of Ihyaa Turaath) said:

“As for Sayyid Qutb, then indeed he was passionate about presenting the goals and basic principles of every soorah before beginning in it’s tafseer in his book Fee Thilaalil-Qur’aan?” Source: Mukhtasar min nathril-maasi wad-darari fee Turuqil-bahthi ‘an muqaasidis-Suwar  Pages: 6-7 Date: 2004 [2]

NB: Adnaan Abdul-Qaadir visits Greenlane and Goldie translates his lectures.


Other speakers of Ihyaa Turaath upon the ideology of khurooj

Waa’il Al-Hasaawee

Waa’il Al-Hasaawee (another speaker of Ihyaa Turaath) calls for the removal of the Rulers; he said: “But the question that we do not find an answer to is regarding the reason for the weakness of the Arab and Islaamic peoples and their lack of ability to change their present situation on their own, and their helplessness to remove those rulers who are perched on their chests” Source: Al-Furqaan magazine (the magazine of Jam’iyyah Ihyaa’ at-Turaath) Number: 235, pg. 40 Date: 24/3/2003 [3]

Naadhim Sultaan

He said: “We say: it is wrong, O people of Tunisia and those who traverse upon their way! Don’t go to the American Embassy (to protest)! Go to these palaces that are in them the (Muslim) leaders and presidents” [4] [End of Quote]

Therefore, the  affair is not merely about refuting ISIS and other violent kharijites; rather the affair is about taking a clear stance against all those whom the scholars have refuted and warned against due to being upon the ideology of the kharijites, such as Muhammad Al-Maghraawi- those who call to demonstrations and protects, such as the deviant Ikhwaani Innovator Yusuf Al-Qaradaawi; or those organizations (i.e. Ihyaa Turaath) that shelter speakers who call to demonstrations and khurooj against the rulers and those who call the Ummah to Sayyid Qutb etc

Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) said:

Indeed, the khawaarij of old were called ‘Al-Harooriyyah’ because they started their bidah of rebellion against the Muslim rulers at a place called Haroora in Koofah. They were also called ‘Ahlu An-Nahrawaan’ (The people of Nahrawaan) because Ali (radiyallaahu-anhu) fought them at that place. They are divided into different groups: The Ibaadiyyah-followers of Abdullaah Bin Ibaad and the Al-Azaariqah-the followers of Naafi Bin Azraq and others. [For further details see: Sharh Hadeethu Jibreel of Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah: Page 319].

Likewise, amongst these groups are the ‘Khawaarij Qa-adiyyah’ and they are the most dangerous amongst the khawaarij. The Qa-adiyyah are those who do not go out in person to fight and cause corruption, rather they sit behind and convince the people to do so. Imaam Abu Daawud (rahimahullaah) reported in Masaa-il Ahmad [page: 271] from Abdullaah Ibn Muhammad As-Suhaib that he said: ‘The sitters amongst the khawaarij (i.e. the Qa-adiyyah–those who instigate the fighting but do not actually participate) are the filthiest of the khawaarij.

Therefore, the Maraakiz of Salafiyyah are not fooled by Greenlane’s Admin and Goldie.  It is not enough for an organization or a masjid to distance itself from ISIS, Nusrah and others, yet it co-operates with Ihyaa Turaath-an organization that shelters speakers who call to Sayyid Qutb, Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq and other revolutionaries.  Rather, Greenlane even allows Goldie to praise Al-Qaradaawi-an affiliate of the Deviant Muslim Brotherhood Sect of Egypt and a caller to protests against some of the Muslim Rulers.

See link about Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq:

The Salafi students of Knowledge in the various Maraakiz of salafiyyah warn against all these deviants with clear evidences based on the clarifications of the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah. Therefore, do not be deceived by anyone who warns against ISIS, but at the same time he refuses to distance himself from other individuals, who carry Takfeeri ideas, or organizations that shelter speakers, who admire Sayyid Qutb, Al-Qaradaawi, Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq and others similar to them. So if Grenlane’s Admin and Goldie are truthful in their stance against all the khawarij and not only ISIS etc, then let them distance themselves from Ihyaa Turaath and their affiliates, and all other innovators. Imaam Ibn Rajab (rahimahullaah) said:

[  أما أهل البدع والضلالة ومن تشبه بالعلماء وليس منهم فيجوز بيان جهلهم وإظهار عيوبهم تحذيرا من الاقتداء بهم ]

”As for the people of innovation and misguidance and those who imitate the scholars, but are not from them, then it is permissible to clarify their ignorance and manifest their deficiencies, so as to warn (others) from following them.” [الفرق بين النصيحة والتعبير : page 36]


References 1, 2, 3 & 4, see link:



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