[2] Shaikh Rabee Unveiled the Falsehood of The Fraudulent Claimants to Salafiyyah and Proponents of Tamyee-Those attempting (once again) to Utilise ‘Rifqan Ahlus Sunnah Bi-Ahlis Sunnah’ to defend Mubtadia

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Question: O Shaykh, there is a matter, some papers that have spread – and they are well known to you – “Rifqan Ahl us-Sunnah Bi Ahl is-Sunnah”, and some of the people of fitnah unleash them (upon the people) and spread them free (of charge), and the people of evil use them (for their purposes). So is there any advice to all parties concerned about what relates to these papers, may Allaah protect you?


Shaykh Rabee: Bismillaah, all praise is due to Allaah and Salaat and Salaam be upon Allaah’s Messenger, upon his family and his companions and whoever followed his guidance.

To proceed:

Certainly, men do err, and they can be correct, regardless of what level of knowledge and excellence they reach, and this particular risaalah, then I consider it to be naseehah, fundamentally, even if there are some observations upon it. However, the faction that has rejoiced with it, in reality, they are the ones who are convicted (by it), and they are the oppressive, and the transgressing (faction), and the (faction) originating the tribulations and persisting upon them.

And the other faction – those against whom these papers they are distributing – they are the ones who are wronged, and transgressed against, however those other people are upon the way of the scheming Hizbiyyeen, they turn the affairs around, and they put the objections that are upon them (in reality) upon others.

The reality is that Shaykh al-Abbaad wants to extinguish this fitnah; however they kindled it anew by this behaviour of theirs. It was desirable that they benefit from his observations which are not to be set except upon their heads (i.e. which apply to them), and the objections (against matters) that did not arise except from them, and amongst them is revilement upon the scholars, and trying to make them fall (i.e. to drop them, destroy them), and every time a scholar spoke the truth, by which he would convict oppression and falsehood, they earnestly tried to make him fall, so this is their crime.

As for the Salafees, then they are by Allaah, the protectors and the defenders of the scholars, and their honours. And these books of their, and by the praise of Allaah, are a witness to that, and their cassettes (likewise) and also their positions (that they hold) also are a witness to that. [So this khutbah alone] in which it is mentioned that the youth revile the scholars, the Salafees, their young and their old are free from it, like the freedom of the wolf from the blood of the son of Ya’qoob.

They are the revilers of the scholars, they are the transgressors against the scholars, they are the transgressors against Ahl us-Sunnah, they are the ones who are lied upon, and that which Shaykh al-Abbaad said, is only a small part of a great deal more, so this mere indication (by the Shaykh) should have been sufficient for them, this indication should have been sufficient for them.

The Shaykh al-Abbaad does not believe about Rabee and whoever is with him that they revile the scholars, neither the old amongst them or the young, he does not believe that about them, but – Allaah knows best – this is just an indication by him to those oppressive, perishing hizbiyyeen, an indication to them that they benefit.

Make the people understand that they are the ones who revile the scholars, and they are the ones who began with oppression. And most of the people with them know these realities, so increase them in insight by this, and nullify their scheme and their plot, because this is from the plots of the Hizbiyyeen. And Shaykh Ibn Baaz (rahimahullaah) issued a naseehah to the youth, a general advice, so the hizbiyyoon rushed to explain it upon other than what Shaykh Ibn Baaz  (rahimahullaah) intended. Then a decisive blow was directed at them and the suspicions against the people of Madinah (i.e. the scholars such as Shaykh Rabee) were negated, and he praised them and extolled them and he also reviled those oppressive hizbiyyeen who had turned the truth into falsehood and falsehood into truth. He praised the people of Madinah with goodness, then he said about those people that they explained his bayaan with lies, treachery, confusion and deception, he said, “As for the du’aat of baatil, and those who stir the murky waters, they are the ones who spread confusion upon the people, and say that the intent by the speech was this and that…”

And now I request from Shaykh al-Abbaad that he strikes those people with a strike similar to that made by Shaykh Ibn Baaz, and that he explains that the people of Madinah that they are Ahl us-Sunnah, and likewise their brothers in Yemen. And as for those, that they are du’aat of baatil, and those who stir the murky waters, and by Allaah, they have stirred the murky waters after their lengthy extended da’wah to baatil, the da’wah that was founded upon and also founds baatil (itself), the one that was raised upon false principles the aim of which was to destroy the Salafee manhaj and to harm its people..

And I remind al-Abbaad that those are the ones who began with a war and with tribulations, and they began with lies, oppression and transgression, and they did not cease after that. Then they are only directing these vile actions (once more) by distributing this book, as if it is for them, and as if al-Abbaad did not write this book except to aid them, and they forget what they committed of humiliating (deeds) and oppression and transgression… may Allaah bless you.

So explain to the people that this book in its reality is against them, if Allaah wills, irrespective of whether Shaykh al-Abbaad actually intended this or not, and I hope that he did intend this, that it is against them because they are the ones who transgress against the foundations of the Salafee manhaj, and upon its Shaykhs. They are the ones who came with destructive, corrupt, stagnant principles in order to shelter the Ahl ul-Bida’ wad-Dalaal, and they committed whatever they committed of things that I and others have explained.

And this short glance (at this matter) should be sufficient, so distribute it so that the people may gain insight, and corroborate it by looking at what you find in it of revilements which do not apply except to them, such as al-jarh wat-ta’deel with baatil, and revilement upon the scholars, and with that which is worse than tabdee such as accusing the people of “ghuthaa’iyyah” and that they are “the lowliest of people”, and that they are “shrimps (i.e. low, insignificant people)” and the essence of what they say in these (Internet) sites. Explain this matter to the people may Allaah bless you, Allaah will nullify their plot and their scheme, and distribute this cassette in every place, may Allaah grant you success in what He loves and is pleased with.

[Translated by Spubs on 14/7/2003]

To be continued….In-Shaa-Allaah



ياشيخ سؤال هنا أمر أوراق انتشرت –وهي المشهورة المعروفة عندكم- رفقاً أهل السنة بأهل السنة

ويثيرها وينشرها بعض أهل الفتن وتوزع مجاناً ويستغلها أهل السوء

فهل من نصيحة لجميع الأطراف فيما يتعلق بهذه الورقة حفظكم الله


بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه ومن اتبع هداه

ما بعد

فإن البشر يخطئون ويصيبون مهما بلغوا من العلم والفضل ، وإن هذه الرسالة أنا أعتبرها في الأصل نصيحة وإن كان عليها بعض الملاحظات ، لكن الطرف الذي فرح بها ووزعها في الحقيقة هو المدين وهو الظالم وهو المعتدي وهو البادئ بالفتن والمستمر فيها

والطرف الآخر -الذين يوزعون هذه الأوراق ضده – هم المظلومون والمعتدى عليهم

لكنّ هؤلاء على طريقة الحزبيين المكرة، يقلّبون الأمور ويجعلون ما عليهم من المآخذ يجعلونها على الآخرين

الحقيقة أن الشيخ العباد يريد أن يُطفئ الفتنة ولكنهم ألهبوها من جديد بهذا التصرف كان ينبغي أن يستفيدوا من ملاحظاته التي لا تنصب إلاّ على رؤوسهم ، والمآخذ التي لم تصدر إلا منهم، ومنها الطعن في العلماء ومحاولة إسقاطهم وكلما قال عالمٌ حقّاً ُيدين به ظلماً وباطلاً بادروا إلى إسقاطه ؛ فهذه جريمتهم

أما السلفيون فهم والله حماة وذابّون عن العلماء وأعراضهم

وهذه كتبهم وبحمدالله شاهدةٌ بذلك وأشرطتهم ومواقفهم شاهدةٌ بذلك[ فهذه الخبطة فقط] الذي ذكر فيه أنّ الشباب يطعنون في العلماء هذا السلفيون شيبهم وشبابهم برآء منها براءة الذئب من دم ابن يعقوب

هم الطاعنون في العلماء، هم المعتدون على العلماء، هم المعتدون على أهل السنة، هم المفترون عليهم

والذي قاله الشيخ العباد قليلٌ من كثير فكان تكفيهم هذه الإشارة كان تكفيهم هذه الإشارة

الشيخ العباد لايعتقد في ربيع ومن معه أنهم يطعنون في العلماء لا كباراً ولا صغاراً لا يعتقد فيهم وإنما والله أعلم هذه إشارة منه إلى هؤلاء الظلمة الحزبيين الهالكين

شارةً إليهم لكن لم يستفيدوا

أفهموا الناس أنهم هم الذين يطعنون في العلماء وأنهم هم الذين بدأوا بالظلم .. وأكثر الناس عندكم يعرفون هذه الحقائق فزيدوهم بصيرة بهذا، وأحبطوا كيدهم ومكرهم

فإن هذا من مكائد الحزبيين ؛ وقد أصدر الشيخ ابن باز رحمه الله نصيحة إلى الشباب نصيحة عامة فهبّ الحزبيون إلى تفسيرها بغير ما يريد الشيخ ابن باز رحمه الله فوجّه لهم ضربة قاصمة ونفى الظنون عن أهل المدينة ومدحهم وأثنى عليهم وطعن في هؤلاء الحزبيين الظالمين الذين يجعلون الحق باطلاً والباطل حقاً

أثنى على أهل المدينة خيراً ثم قال عن هؤلاء الذين فسروا بيانه بالكذب والغش واللبس والتلبيس قال

أما دعاة الباطل وأهل الصيد في الماء العكر فهم الذين يشوشون على الناس ويقولون المقصود بالكلام كذا وكذا

فأنا الآن أطلب من الشيخ العباد أن يضرب هؤلاء مثل ضربة الشيخ ابن باز يبين أنّ أهل المدينة هم أهل السنة وكذلك إخوانهم أهل اليمن

أما هؤلاء فهم دعاة الباطل وأهل الصيد في الماء العكر

فلقد والله اصطادوا في الماء العكر بعد دعوتهم الطويلة المديدة إلى الباطل الدعوة المؤصَّلة والمؤصِّلةِ للباطل التي قامت على أصول فاسدة تهدف إلى هدم المنهج السلفي ؛ وإلى إيذاء أهله

وأذكّر العباد بأن هؤلاء هم الذين ابتدؤوا بالحرب والفتن وبدؤوا بالكذب والظلم والطغيان ولم ينتهوا بعد

ثم إنهم يتوجون هذه الأعمال الرديئة بتوزيع هذا الكتاب كأنه لهم وكأن العباد ما كتبه إلا لنصرتهم، ونسوا ما ارتكبوه من الفضائح والظلم والإعتداء

بارك الله فيكم

فبينوا للناس أنّ هذا الكتاب في حقيقته ضدهم إن شاء الله سواء قصد هذا الشيخ العباد أو لم يقصد وأنا أرجوا أن يكون قاصداً ذلك

إنه ضدهم بأنهم هم المعتدون على أصول المنهج السلفي وعلى شيوخه

هم الذين جاءوا بالأصول الهدّامة الفاسدة الكاسدة للمحامات عن أهل البدع والضلال وارتكبوا ما ارتكبوه من أشياء قد بيّنتها وبينها غيري

وهذه اللفتة تكفي وانشروها ليتبصر الناس وأكدّوها بما تجدون فيه من المطاعن التي لا تنطبق إلاّ عليهم من الجرح والتعديل بالباطل ومن الطعن في العلماء ومما هو شرٌ من التبديع من رمي الناس بالغثائية وأنهم أراذل وأنهم أقزام وأنهم خلاصة مايقولونه في هذه المواقع وبينوا للناس هذا الأمر بارك الله فيكم يحبط الله كيدهم ومكرهم وانشروا هذا الشريط في كل مكان وفقكم الله لما يحبه ويرضاه

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