Email sent to one of the slanderous Pseudo Intellectuals on 07/07/2014

For the attention of Haras Rafiq [Quilliam Foundation]

Assalaamu alaykum;

I pray this email reaches you, whilst your heart is desirous of truthfulness and true guidance.

I came across a short comment of yours on sky news, which I believe was either uttered out of ignorance or a desire for spreading tales.  Indeed it is very sad that those two twins from Manchester have been brainwashed by the Takfeeri-Jihaadis; however there was no need for you to slander Salafiyyah with your ill-informed comments- that those who travel to Syria will return with a Narrow Salafi Jihaadi World View.

The Salafi Methodology neither has anything to do with the Jihaadi Takfeeri World View nor those calling to so called Jihaad in Syria; rather the position of the true Salafi Scholars, Masaajid and Centres has been the same since the beginning of the conflict.  The fighting in Syria is that of Fitnah and not Jihaad, and the Salafi Scholars have never encouraged anyone to travel to Syria.

The methodologies of those fighting in Syria has nothing to do with Salafiyyah, so why do you attach the term Salafiyyah to Jihaadi World View.  The methodology of the kharijites [students of the devils and dogs of the hell fire (ISIS, Jabhat An-Nusrah and other kharijite innovators)] has nothing to do with the pure, blessed and infallible Salafi Methodology.

Indeed, truthfulness is a virtue, so stop slandering and spreading tales about Salafiyyah and Salafis.  Visit this site and inform the public of the true Salafi position as opposed to the methodology of the Kharijite innovators.

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