Some of those who seek to creep in the Salafi Masaajid or Centres! What is their stance towards Navid Ayaz at present?

The Prophet (sallal laahu alayhi-sallam) was clear with everyone regarding his call. When he arrived in Madeenah -at that vicinity of Masjid Quba (i.e. which he later built as the first Masjid)- he disseminated the call with its clarity and purity; so it made the hypocrites conceal themselves and they did not receive it except by manifesting Islaam, whilst surely hiding what they hid (i.e. disbelief in their hearts). This is likewise the habit of the people of falsehood; they do not make apparent what they (truly) believe. As for the people of clarity, they are people who openly proclaim (what they truly believe); so beware of the people who hide. [End of quote; Source: Wudooh Al-Manhaj As-Salafi. Page 13. By Shaikh Ramzaan]

Obviously, we do not mean that the likes of these people- those who seek to creep in some of the Salaficentres-are Munaafiqoon; rather the intent here is that they still have not made their affair clear. Their affair is still cloudy and there is no public statement from them, showing their stance against and Navid Ayaz.

Is there anything unclear about Navid’s Manhaj at present? So what is their stance towards Navid at present? That is because few years ago they-those seeking to creep in some of the salaficentres at present- were quick to find lame excuses for Navid and as a result they received a rebuke for such deceitful acts. However, since then some members of Al-Markazus Salafi’s Masjid Committee and some elder brothers in Birmingham- who knew of the affair- have only witnessed a blameworthy silence from the likes of these people.

Indeed, it would be easy for a truthful person to make his affair very clear, especially with regards to one’s stances towards and Navid Ayaz. It would be easy for such a person to declare his innocence from and Navid Ayaz, as well as apologize for the fitnah they caused for the Salafiyyoon when first started their disgraceful campaign against the well-known Salafi students in the West-those who are well-known to Shaikh Rabee, Shaikh Ubaid, Shaikh Muhammad Bin Haadi and others.

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