Shaikh Rabee’ on the incorrect form of love and hate

After mentioning the hadeeth of this Ummah splitting into 73 sects, Shaikh Rabee’ states concerning the saved sect:

“They are the people of truth, they are the people of Sunnah, they are the knowledgeable ones of The Book and The Sunnah, they are the enemies of innovation, misguidance, disbelief, polytheism and all forms of deviation. They love only the truth, basing their loyalty and their hatred upon it.

And you’ll find that many people [erroneously] think that animosity and hatred is only to be directed at the disbelievers! Whereas towards every person who has affiliated himself to Islaam, no hatred is to be directed at him! He deserves nothing but love! He deserves absolute allegiance even if he is from the most despicable people of innovation and the most misguided of them! Even if he has the innovation of Jahm, Bishr Al-Marisi, ‘Amr Ibn ‘Ubaid and others besides them from the Jahmiyyah, Khawaarij, Mu’tazilah, Murji’ah and people of misguidance!”

Source: Marhaba Ya Taalib Al-‘Ilm! [Welcome O Seeker of Knowledge!], Shaikh Rabee Ibn Hadi Al-Madkhali, p.22 – 23

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