Question To Shaikh Muhammad Bin Haadi

“And this (question) says: Jam’iyyah Ihyaa’ at-Turaath has efforts in the field of da’wah in the Mamlakah [the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia], and what do you know about this jam’iyyah? Is it established upon the Salafee manhaj?

Answer: No, by Allaah! It is not upon the Salafee manhaj! By Allaah it is upon the Ikhwaanee manhaj, firmly established.

And its people fluctuate.  And those who we know from them (at-Turaath), it is not permissible for us to leave them (without criticism), due to the condition of those who have praised them (from the scholars), from those to whom they (at-Turaath) have beautified themselves, while they (those who have praised them) do not know them. For indeed did not burden us except with what we have knowledge of, and this jam’iyyah is hizbee.

And they have the bay’ah (pledge of allegiance), and they call it “al-‘ahd” (the pledge) or “taa’atul-mas’ool” (obedience to those in charge).  And look at them in their stances (that they take).

And wherever they go in the East or West in the Islaamic world and other than the Islamic (world), you do not find them except that they divide the Salafee callers. They do not unite (people together) and they only come to the Salafee gatherings then divide them.  And that is because of the wealth that is with them. And we ask Allaah for well-being and protection.

And I, indeed I have spoken regarding this in many tapes, I have regarding this ? meaning ? speech in two tapes in Kuwait with them. So the point is, ‘Abdur-Rahmaan ‘Abdul-Khaaliq, he is not unknown to us nor unknown to all of you, and he is their shaykh up until this very hour, even if they try to distance (him) from themselves.  So we ask Allaah for well-being and protection. And speech regarding him is long but I will suffice with this.” []

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