One Wonders What Enters the Hearts and Minds of The kids In The West When They Become Amazed with Themselves!

One wonders what enters the hearts and minds of those who become amazed with themselves in the West; but those those who studied under the scholars for many years are not amazed with themselves! Here is just one of those students of the scholars (Shaikh Abdullah Al-Bukhaari) who spent ten years with Al-Allaamah Muhammad Amaan Al-Jaami (rahimahullaah). Shaikh Abdullah studied many books with Shaikh Muhammad Amaan, including Usool Ath-Thalaatha, Qawaa’id Arba’a, Kitaab At-Tawheed, Tajreed At-Tawheed, Al-Waasitiyyah, Al-Hamawiyyah, At-Tadmuriyyah, At-Tahaawiyyah, Al-Qawaadul Muthlaa, Al-Aajoroomiyyah, Nayl Al-Awtaar, Zaadul Ma’aad, Umdatul Ahkaam. Shaikh Abdullah also studied under Shaikh Abdul Muhsin, Shaikh Umar Fullaata,  Shaikh Rabee, Shaikh Ahmad  An-Najmi, Shaikh Ubaid and others.

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