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The Devil’s Deception of Some of The Soofees

Imaam Ibnul Jawzi (rahimahullaah ) said: There were people amongst them who did not eat meat, to the extent that some of them said, “To eat a Durham (worth) of meat hardens the heart for forty mornings.” 
There were those amongst them who fabade all good and lawful things, and they used the fabricated hadeeth as proof: “Make good food forbidden for yourselves, for indeed it gives shaytaan strength to run in the veins.” (Ad-Da’eefah Number 1879)

Amongst them there was one who forbade himself from drinking pure water and one who forbade himself from drinking cold water, so he drank hot water (instead). 

Amongst them was one who punished himself by abandoning water for a prolonged period.

[Source: Talbees Iblees, page 238 with the checking of Shaikh Zaid Bin Haadi (rahimahullaah )…Abridged and slightly paraphrased]

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